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  1. Fats

    Dragon 1 -> ? Pickup progression history

    Thanks for the link on the 5 way rotary. Glad to have the info, though no intention to swap out my rotary dials. I’ve got 2 CU22’s, both w stop tail bridges and 5 way rotary. My ‘96 with Dragon I’s, and my ‘06 20th with Dragon II’s. Love the Dragon pups - both issues. I’ve never felt the...
  2. Fats

    Did some more experimenting and comparing with the Paul and MannMade tailpieces.

    Great input. Subjective observations of course, but valuable - thanks. I love my stoptails.
  3. Fats

    I can't enough of PRS guitars...Lol.

    PRS fixation is definitely a ’thang’. One by one I’ve let other guitars go. Ibanez, Fender, Les Paul, etc. I’m down to 5 electrics and all are PRS. I haven‘t let one go yet..
  4. Fats

    CE 24 bridge pickup

    Exactly re output. My description is “spanky”. The CE is a great guitar and excellent value. The low mass locking tuners are fine, love the pattern thin neck - but that’s me - am ok with minimal carving on the top vs. a custom, but can’t see why PRS went with a molded bridge. Of all places...
  5. Fats

    CE 24 bridge pickup

    Agree, I love the CE 24 sound and I play mostly on the bridge. Hard to know how to respond to Anachronism when you can’t hear his particular PUP. It could be sharper than it should. Can certainly understand though if someone is expecting the 58/15 tone. Per PRS naming convention, 85 is the...
  6. Fats

    CE 24 bridge pickup

    58/15’s? I thought the CE24’s are built with 85/15’s? Not the same as your HB. I have 2021 CE 24 with uncovered 85/15’s and yes they can be ‘bright’, especially the bridge. I’m assuming you’ve dialed back the tone a bit?? Also have a HBII and the 2 guitars couldn‘t be more different...
  7. Fats

    Touchy subject

    Was your psilocybin therapy conducted at a clinic, or self prescribed? I’ve heard of some amazing results from this therapy.
  8. Fats

    Touchy subject

    I wouldn’t normally jump into a topic like this, but I’ll say this. No, I don’t or at least never panic. Any time anxiety finds its way in, I consider the source issue and then consider the absolute worst possible outcome of that issue. Then I realize I can live with that if need be and it’ll...
  9. Fats

    Used core guitars

    My collection is the opposite. I have 2 cores and a CE 24, but have zero SE’s, or S2’s. Both of my cores were 2nd hand, a 2021 McCarty 594 HBII, and a 2006 Custom 22. Both 10 tops, and the 22 is a single piece top. I would rather buy used Core than new SE, but that’s just me. My 1st and...
  10. Fats

    6 Post vs. 2 Post Bridge. Silver Sky question..

    Sounds like you’re referring to the SE, yes?
  11. Fats

    6 Post vs. 2 Post Bridge. Silver Sky question..

    Thank you for your excellent assessment. Whichever I buy will come from John Mann’s shop, where I will play them both, so I’ll get his valued input as well.
  12. Fats

    6 Post vs. 2 Post Bridge. Silver Sky question..

    As I consider the Silver Sky, apart from radius it seems that the bridge is the biggest differential between the SE and a Maryland made. Two questions for consideration.. 1. Does the 6 post bridge offer a tangible advantage. 2. If I go down the road of the SE, but upgrade to a 6 post bridge...
  13. Fats

    594 Hardware/Electronics Configuration Aesthetic - Opinions

    Clearly, cutting into someone else‘s established market niche is always a consideration when making design decisions. It‘s a quirky market with history, nostalgia and all that in the mix. I like my 594 HBII as is. Of my 3 PRS’s, none have the perfect mix of layout, neck, and hardware, but all...
  14. Fats

    Avatar Flippers: What's the deal?

    We’re supposed to use avatars? Not our baby pics like I did?
  15. Fats

    PRS quality: 1980's vs 90's vs 00's vs 10's vs 20's.....

    Yeh, love the rotary switch - I have never switched pickups by accident. Agree also with the middle setting. Best setting on my CU22, w Dragon II’s.
  16. Fats

    PRS quality: 1980's vs 90's vs 00's vs 10's vs 20's.....

    Eventually companies lose their soul, typically after the founder and core employees are gone and decisions are made in board rooms etc. I watched this happen to Volvo and other favorites over the years. To have Paul still engaged and actively involved is a treasure. Once upon a time when Leo...
  17. Fats

    PRS CE - upgrade or not

    I see this is an older string, but for the record, I too swapped out my CE 24 bridge for a Mann Made 2040 Nickel- Hybrid. After reviewing John’s video, I did the install and while it went in just fine I was looking for some guidance on saddle adjustments, height and pitch, so (being in NH) took...
  18. Fats

    Considering swapping out Dragon II’s for 57/08. Opinions?

    As a follow up, I stuck with the Dragon II’s and glad I did. They’ve really grown on me…Appreciate all the input
  19. Fats

    News Flash !!! Jeff Beck dies at 78 years old

    Just goes to show though that guitar playing leads to death.