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  1. RichardJ

    So Wrong on So Many Levels

    Very much reminds me of the scenes from Iron Man 2, except I think I took that a little more seriously.......
  2. RichardJ

    Advice needed on PRS

    I found my new NF3 felt really stiff when I first got it, it was set up with 10's. I swapped them out for my regular 9-46s and it made a surprising difference, suddenly felt much more comfortable and familiar. It did soften the sound too, giving it a bit more 'twang' and warmth. I'd try your...
  3. RichardJ

    NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

    Cool, apologies for my impatience.
  4. RichardJ

    NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

    When is the competition closing (or did I miss that somewhere)? I've seen a few I would be more than happy with.
  5. RichardJ

    NGD - Possibly the most versatile guitar in the world?

    Well, after my recent trials I was able to re enter the fold with a lovely SE245, but there was still the itch for something US. Saw this on another forum in the UK I am a member of and it was love (or lust) at first sight. I had to have it. A rather fabulous NF3. I've only had it a few hours...
  6. RichardJ

    SE Singlecut and SD 59s...

    I had the 490/498 combo in a Gibson LP and pretty much despised the tone. Overly muddy at one end, overly bright at the other and the worst bits in the middle. I have recently scored an SE245 and the pickups in that punch way above their weight. I would genuinely put them up against SDs and...
  7. RichardJ

    Forum Truss Rod Cover

    Mine went in the great cull. I'll definitely be in for two more.
  8. RichardJ

    Returned from the wilderness.

    Well, I'm back. Sadly hit some family trouble a while back, long story short, Our daughter was having a really bad time at school and it was necessary to find another school. This one was fee paying and the cash had to come from somewhere so (quite rightly) off went my Indigo Blue CE22 (sorry...
  9. RichardJ

    Fake MIRA?

    Sorry, so fake and horrible the person selling it as the real deal should be publicly flogged, twice! Virtually everything is 'wrong' about it.
  10. RichardJ

    How Many PRS Guitars Do You Have... compared to all other brands?

    Sadly down to one PRS for a bit. School fees............ However still have the Mira X, Fender FSR Am. Std. Strat, Fender Telebration Mahogany Tele, modified Standard Strat and Parker Southern Nitefly. So I'm at 20% for a bit.
  11. RichardJ

    The New Wave Appreciation Thread. (Contest Inside!)

    'Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now' or 'Girlfriend in a Coma' by The Smiths have got to be contenders surely. Trivia - Boris, ex-bassist from The Cure and Siouxsie Sioux (yes HER) both live in our nearest town. We meet Boris occasionally in the cafe and Suzy horse rides at the same place as my...
  12. RichardJ

    Mira X Orange Creme - lightest of them all?

    Should we start an 'X' club? Still loving the versatility of my Mira.
  13. RichardJ

    Albrecht's Demo

    And here we go again....... In awe of your skills, song craft and vision. At the same time even more depressed about my limited abilities. My kind of listening, I would happily spend my hard earned on more of this.
  14. RichardJ

    The grass is NOT greener

    I'm pretty late to the PRS party, my first guitar was a Fender Bronco and I just stuck with the brand. What started to change my opinions was finally managing to afford a few US built Strats and Teles (standards and deluxe's) and they were well enough put together but kind of soulless, quite a...
  15. RichardJ

    Minding my own business, when...

    Had one a few years back and can absolutely attest to unbearable pain only relieved by opiate based drugs. Once it had all 'passed' the consultant advised me (totally serious and deadpan) to reduce or avoid cheese, red meat and wine. Better just shoot me instead!
  16. RichardJ

    The Song Title Game

    All Time High - Rita Coolidge
  17. RichardJ

    WTF!?! 2nd "Bid Cancellation" notice this week!

    In a former life I discovered that there is just so much fun to be had with a little 'boom boom'!
  18. RichardJ

    PRS case

    If a gig-bag (not that I have any problems with them) isn't for you I can absolutely recommend the Hiscox Lite-Flites, light weight but very sturdy. They make one for PRS types.
  19. RichardJ

    To Everything, Turn

    I arrived here jaded and cautious from the cr@p I had found on other forums. From the moment I registered and started to take part the thing that struck me most was the even handed moderation and genuine respect at all levels. Some things in life are however definitely more important. Thank...
  20. RichardJ

    GUITAR PLAYER Demos Roland's Micro Cube GX

    I have a Micro Cube RX and it seems a real Swiss army knife amp. Tones are pretty good, a very 'big' sound from the four speakers, decent effects and a built in drum machine. Plug the iPod in and it's got great stereo sound. Biggest plus for me is it runs from the supplied Boss 9v adapter or...