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  1. VHTStark

    NGD - my first PRS! 2010 McCarty

    Congrats man, she is a beauty! My first PRS was also a McCarty and it is still one of my faves!
  2. VHTStark

    Alder ce

    The Alder CE was a production model for that year and not a special edition. That said, I don't think too many were made, as they only lasted a year and you don't see that many 2008 model Alder CE's in the wild.
  3. VHTStark

    MT 100

    Same. Hoping it is made in the US.
  4. VHTStark

    MT 100

    At that price, I wonder if it will be made overseas.
  5. VHTStark

    My Stripped 58 has 57/08 pickups that are weaker than I'd like...

    Absolutely! Was thinking that as well. I have an old 59/09 with a nickel cover and old label sticker from 2010 or so and the 2 57/08 bridge pickups I have that were purchased in the last couple of years are both hotter and just as aggressive (one 57/08 I would say is more aggressive). Not really...
  6. VHTStark

    NuGD.....all due to you fine folks!

    Love it! I had a '96 CE 24 in black pearl not too long ago. Very cool guitar. No Dragon 1's though. Those are some of my favorite "hot" pickups ever and probably my favorite OG style PRS pickups.
  7. VHTStark

    PRS 305 info?

    Mine is an all black/rosewood board model from 2012 with regular birds and phase 3 tuners. Pros would be: it is PRS's take on a Core Level strat that veers very much in the PRS direction. It plays and feels very much like a PRS....and that means it plays great! Cons: the pickup layout. With...
  8. VHTStark

    So I bought a McCarty...

    That is a beauty my friend! The McCarty is what got me on the PRS train many years ago and I would say it is still my overall favourite guitar! My 2015 McCarty is definitely a "modern spec" one with full power 58/15's, locking tuners and black PRS self lubricating nut. My 2022 Robben Ford, with...
  9. VHTStark


    Looks dang awesome buddy! Enjoy! Looking forward to hearing what you think after you play it a bit!
  10. VHTStark

    OMG It finally Happened. A T-Style PRS Guitar (NF53)

    Are these actually one piece bodies? Either way, pretty stoked on these and definitely see an NF53 in my future!
  11. VHTStark

    53/10 VS 57/08 with a P22

    Agreed! They have a broader and more round top end than it's wilder 57/08 cousin, but I still find them to be clear and articulate. I have a set in a JA-15 and they sound superb there!
  12. VHTStark

    New CE 24 “wood libraries”

    Ya, the different wood combos are the big draw with wood library. That said, you will still find some wood library guitar spec'd with some incredible tops. Customers have the option of "artist grade" tops, which are awesome in their own right, but they can really go a level above that, as they...
  13. VHTStark

    What's as good as the 57/08 set? What pickups should I try next?

    Some very good recommendations here! Mine would be in order: 59/09 - As these are really just slightly hotter 57/08's, I can't see you not digging them. The covered 59/09 I have is very similar to my covered 57/08's. BK Black Dog: Another one of my favorite PAF pickups period and has alot of the...
  14. VHTStark

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    Haha! I just mean output wise, they are more in that ballpark. For ballsy, I suppose it would depend what you like. As the old PAF's could vary widely, I would say the RF is still in the PAF vein, just a lower output, brighter and more single coil-ish vein. Lots of attack and punch though and...
  15. VHTStark

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    I would postulate Mr. Ford has tried the 57/08 and even some PRS pickups we don't know about. The RF pickups in the signature McCarty are quite different to the 57/08's or the 58/15's I have in my other McCarty. Less output (similar to 58/15 LT or Seth Lover), more scoop in the mids, brighter...
  16. VHTStark

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    I think from the actual guitar standpoint, he is very happy. He seems to still be tinkering with the pickups though (he had an instagram post with new pickups for his RF model sent to him by PRS). From my point of view, as an owner of the guitar, it is truly one of the best I have ever owned...
  17. VHTStark

    PRS 57/08 pickups...whatcha think about 'em?

    Great comparison between the 58/15 and 57/08. They are definitely related and two of my favorite PAF style pickups ever. From any manufacturer.
  18. VHTStark

    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    For me, I will say the original style McCarty model in general. The feel and the resonance and attack that model has just works with the I play. The McCarty was my first foray into the PRS world and made me fall in the love with the brand. Since then, I have owned various models and still do...
  19. VHTStark

    NF3 Alert!

    Cool! Of those 3, what was your favorite? Any tonal/response differences?
  20. VHTStark

    NF3 Alert!

    I was one of them. Didn't "get" the guitar at all when it came out. In 2017, I bought mine brand new from a music store that was closing down. I saw it advertised and the price was I decided to give a try. When I arrived, the sales people didn't even know they had the guitar...