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  1. Kine

    Private Stock Friday

    Wow! These are insane! On another level. PSF 2.0!
  2. Kine

    New Amp Day - 25th Anniversary

    Congrats on the new amp! That thing looks sweet! Out of curiosity did you sell your 50w HXDA?
  3. Kine

    It just doesn't get any better than this...

    Given your AquaViolet Smokejob Masterpiece, I'm very curious which color you chose for this one :dontknow:
  4. Kine

    Private Stock Friday

    :dontknow:Is that the Shocker headstock?
  5. Kine

    Private Stock Friday

    Mental!! :congrats::rock::adore:
  6. Kine

    Got 53/10's for Custom 22

    I love love my 53/10's!! Congrats!
  7. Kine

    NAD My "Death Star" (PRS MC58 and a Mesa Mini-stack) is now complete!

    Is that a new color? :dontknow:
  8. Kine

    TC electronics flashback delay

    I just returned mine... there was way too much distortion in the repeats for me.
  9. Kine

    Private Stock Friday

    Hi! :hello:
  10. Kine

    MAJOR changes to my signature very soon!!!

    Beautiful brown truck! So beautiful... trying to think positive thoughts!! On the other hand, it's lookin like a drunk guitar orgy tonight! Hope pix will get leaked...
  11. Kine

    Dava Picks

    Ya don't say! ;):D:top:
  12. Kine

    Dava Picks

    Tried the Dava's for a bit but now use V-Picks! :top:
  13. Kine


    I'd pull the trigger on this but I'm looking for something with a different stain... probably brown or yellow
  14. Kine

    NGD...PRS Tremonti signature

    Bitchin! Love the character in that top. :beer:
  15. Kine

    Private Stock Friday

  16. Kine

    Knocking the gloss off neck

    Any long term repercussions of doing anything like this? It was one of my reasons for selling a couple of my PRS's (not the main reason). The two PRS that I have left are rosewood nex. One with the Awesomeness treatment and the other a PS... which may be the awesomeness treatment since they...
  17. Kine

    Private Stock Friday

  18. Kine

    My MSC is getting along well with some of the sisters...

    Zoinks! Nice amps too! :top:
  19. Kine

    Electro Harmonix B9 Organ Simulator Guitar Pedal

    Had one and just punted it.... Used it maybe 5 times
  20. Kine

    Grant Green

    I liked his funky stuff. My favorites were on Grant Green Alive. Check out "Let the Music Take Your Mind" and "Sookie Sookie" :top: