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  1. spawnofthesith

    PRS coil split wiring resistor

    I'm guessing I may have both styles in my arsenal? I have an '00 custom 22 and 3 prs from '19-22
  2. spawnofthesith

    PRS coil split wiring resistor

    I love PRS split coil tones, and they are better at it than any other manufactures splits imo
  3. spawnofthesith

    594 SC - Yellow Tiger or Charcoal?

  4. spawnofthesith

    Real meaning of CE…

    They were originally made in korea tho
  5. spawnofthesith

    Vela Junior (Single Pickup Vela)

    Badass! What pickup you got in the bridge there ? I don't think I've ever seen a vela with birds before?
  6. spawnofthesith

    S2 and SE “S” & TCI Pickups and Split Coil Tone

    I can't speak on the TI stuff, but I've tried many many SEs over the years, and have never really been moved by any of them. I was outright turned off by an SE 594 I tried a few months back. On the flipside, I got an S2 vela back in the spring, and quickly fell in love with PRS and since then...
  7. spawnofthesith

    NGD - DGT Keeper

    Holy cow!! Congrats!!!
  8. spawnofthesith

    NGD - my first PRS! 2010 McCarty

    Killer top, congrats!!
  9. spawnofthesith

    McCarty SC594 compared to traditional LP's?

    Great comparison! I love both my LP standard and my S2 594 and wouldn’t want to be without either :D
  10. spawnofthesith

    PRS SE Fiore

    While they’re at it S2 Hollowbody 1 plz
  11. spawnofthesith

    Next arrow for the quiver?

    Damn that is spectacular!!! I think you made the right choice... Can't wait for the day I'm able to join the HBII club
  12. spawnofthesith

    I have a gift card at GC....what PRS can you or used!!

    I'd pile on a lil extra dough and get a used S2 singlecut 594 Or else maybe an SE swamp ash special
  13. spawnofthesith

    Next arrow for the quiver?

    Hollowbody ! :cool:
  14. spawnofthesith

    McCarty SC594 compared to traditional LP's?

    I like my SC594 and my LP Standard both quite a lot . 594 feels a bit more modern and sporty to me. I'd recommend hitting some stores and trying a few LPs, only you can determine if its a hole in your collection or not
  15. spawnofthesith

    SE so why an S2?

    Good call!!! Velas are amazing. Be careful though, once you roll a vela it won’t be your last ;) Vela semihollow was my first foray into PRS back in April, now I’ve found myself with 4 PRS lol
  16. spawnofthesith

    NGD and its a cracker..oh and its a PRS.

    Beautiful! Congrats!! Out of curiosity, is there anything aside from body thickness that would differentiate a mccarty from this era with a fixed bridge/3 way switch/moons custom 22 from a similar era?
  17. spawnofthesith

    PRS sig on S2 control cavity cover?

    Huh, interesting! I presumed it was just screen printed on there or whatever like the headstocks. But if its an actually paul signature thats some nifty trivia :D
  18. spawnofthesith

    PRS sig on S2 control cavity cover?

    Just curious if this denotes anything in particular? my recently acquired S2 594 has it, I know it was a special dealer order but that is about all the info I have.
  19. spawnofthesith

    NGD - Belated SAS SE Edition

    These are probably my favorite of the recent batch of new SEs. Yours looks killer, congrats!!
  20. spawnofthesith

    NGD - NF53!

    These have grown a lot on me. That one looks killer, congrats!!!