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  1. mezzio

    Is your non-PS PRS one of a kind?

    I suppose my 408 could be considered one of a kind. It's one of Brian's wood library semi-hollows, 8 were built, but I got the only one in charcoal tri-color burst with a rosewood neck:D *edit* Who broke the linking system?! Photobucket img links aren't posting properly anymore :confused:
  2. mezzio

    I Sense Hackering In The Forum

    I would almost kill for some good Hawaiian food right now, lol
  3. mezzio


    Think of them as life lessons & your own story. I have plenty of tattoos that I absolutely hate now, and I even broke my rule (no names, no brands) and did the PRS birds... if I end up hating PRS, I chalk it up as a time in my life where I felt it was significant enough to honor with a...
  4. mezzio


    It might work... Probably does just fine, I doubt PRS would release something that's floppy, lol My 7 string is a 26.5", and it's pretty tight with 10's on it, so maybe with the Holcomb 8 you can actually bend, lol
  5. mezzio

    What New Models Would You Like To See Next?

    A 24 fret, 408 7-string :D
  6. mezzio

    See anything you like?

    I think that pic just put Daves to shame, lol
  7. mezzio

    What do y'all do for a living?

    Well the last job I held was as an electrician for Lockheed Martin on the C5 AMP (Avionics Modernization Program)... I left there and became lazy. Now I do whatever makes me happy, fixing stuff, breaking stuff, building stuff... You get the idea, lol
  8. mezzio

    The "Somebody Buy Me This" Project Guitar

    I was just talking about this the other day with Vaughan, couldn't remember who started it or the name of the thread, but glad to see it resurrected! That's a nice looking neck :cool:
  9. mezzio

    NGD SE Mark Holcomb!

    I thought about changing it, but some serious stuff happened and it sipped my mind. you're right though, there are some models that that don't, but any SE's with figuring are a veneer on a maple cap. Yes, veneers are very thin slices of real wood, they sand and take stain as any other chunk of...
  10. mezzio

    NGD SE Mark Holcomb!

    All SE's have a laminated veneer on a maple cap.
  11. mezzio

    PRS SE Mark Holcomb, finally!

    You guys suck :p Suppose I should call Brian and see when he's getting more... I suppose if I get one from Sweetwater they'll let me do payments though... Hmmm, decisions.
  12. mezzio

    SE Mark Holcomb Speculation

    That's actually what I was thinking about since Mark first teased us with the photos, lol. I kept thinking, if they do use his pickups and locking tuners, it's going to push the price of this thing into S2 range... I was happy to see a sub $1k price though. I'd still love to get my hands on...
  13. mezzio

    SE Mark Holcomb Speculation

    I was thinking the same thing too... Locking tuners and a $300 set of pickups (granted, wholesale cost on them is probably more like $100)? Hey, if they managed it, I'm not gonna complain. I'm just sad I gotta wait till the 1st to place my order :(
  14. mezzio

    SE Mark Holcomb Speculation

    Sweet water has them for preorder now... Guess I know what I'm buying next month :cool:
  15. mezzio

    You Know What's Inside Has To Be Good When...

    :eek: Woah... I have no words... Although lately I've had a serious case of GAS, everything has been beautiful... Probably because I just won a years worth of rent, so I'm wondering what I could possibly do without that chunk of money going out every month, lol
  16. mezzio


    Sweet! Who knew a book full of wood would be such a joy to look at :D
  17. mezzio

    String Gauge - What do you use?

    EB Cobalt 10-46 for my standard and slightly down tuned (1-1.5 step down), 12-56 for my c# tuned guitar.
  18. mezzio

    Signature club...

    Sorry for the sway in replying, got a little busy not being inside on the computer, lol. You guys rock! It'll be a couple days before I can place the order, there's been a banking issue that severely p******d me off that I now have to wait to get fixed. But once I get the order in for my...
  19. mezzio

    Signature club...

    I've been meaning to write this for a while, but kept forgetting. I signed up for the signature club last year, and went through 6 months of headache dealing with one incompetent person who really couldn't get anything right. I wrote a reply, or thread about it a while back, but my issues were...
  20. mezzio

    PRS Book - from 1999 till now?

    Look at that, getting the book and keeping your guitar, awesome when things work out :cool: Probably would have given it to you anyway next time I get sick of looking at my bookshelf full of books I never open... But I suppose I can save it for when I have enough stuff to make another PIF thread.