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  1. Aahzz

    My CE24 SE Review- Why am I the only one?

    I posted my NGD, but I'm generally not one to do detailed reviews. Mine plays great, and sounds fantastic through my Marshall Origin 50. My only "bad" is that it would be nice if the fretboard edges were rolled, but it doesn't bother me enough to actually do something about it.
  2. Aahzz

    Vela Junior (Single Pickup Vela)

    Very cool!
  3. Aahzz

    NGD - my first PRS! 2010 McCarty

  4. Aahzz

    Jam And Record!

    This could be fun :)
  5. Aahzz

    So i ordered an SE CE 24 this morning...

    I certainly love mine - I think you made a great choice!
  6. Aahzz

    I never learn...

    So, I had made a thread a while ago declaring that I was done with bands, and gigging. Then I joined an acoustic trio. Now I've been looking for a new electric band...and as usual, my quest is filled with people who don't read what I wrote, are flaky as hell, or never respond. I'm getting fed up...
  7. Aahzz

    SE so why an S2?

    Velas are magical.
  8. Aahzz

    NGD and its a cracker..oh and its a PRS.

    Well that's just gorgeous.
  9. Aahzz

    NGD - SE 594 Charcoal

    Sweet! I wish I liked the neck on those, they look and sound great!
  10. Aahzz

    NGD - Belated SAS SE Edition

  11. Aahzz

    NGD S2 quilt

  12. Aahzz

    THAT'S not supposed to happen!

  13. Aahzz

    And again…. NGD

  14. Aahzz

    NGD!!! SE CE content

    I get my picks from Clayton Custom. Great picks, good price but they take far longer to arrive than they'll tell you.
  15. Aahzz

    PRS SE Sale and Reverb

    Resistance is futile :D
  16. Aahzz

    SE QC issues?

    It's a small sampling, but my new SE CE is spectacular - no QC issues at all. The couple of SE SAS I played locally also had zero issues.
  17. Aahzz

    PRS SE Sale and Reverb

    Heck, I had the opposite - I was watching an SE at the sale price on Reverb, and the seller offered me an additional 10% off - which made me immediately pull the trigger. I love my new SE CE!!!
  18. Aahzz

    Sadly, I have to return my new SE DGT

    Perhaps we wouldn't have come to this conclusion if you had said something in your OP other than "the action was inordinately high and even a truss-rod adjustment won't get the strings lower". You said absolutely nothing about adjusting the saddles or nut - you know, the things that actually...