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  1. prs1979

    I am fascinated by this picture of a PRS and I can't explain it ...

    Great picture you got there Asimauve.
  2. prs1979

    Out For Delivery -- 30th

    Great piece of info. Thanks LSchefman! It's really nice to read and learn from you guys. Really appreciate your insights. I learn some more everyday.
  3. prs1979


    Nice one. Congrats!
  4. prs1979

    Private Stock Friday

    I'm gonna stop coming to this thread :D
  5. prs1979

    NGD X 4!!!

    I would settle for ONE in a lifetime.... 4 at the same time... my god!!! :D :D :D
  6. prs1979

    My first PRS - which one?

    Nevermind... the guy decided was too low and stay firm on the 2000 EUR. I would also had to travel abroad (England) to get it...
  7. prs1979

    My first PRS - which one?

    A great (I think) opportunity just knocked on my door... I saw advertised a PRS C22 10 Top for 2000 EUR. I offered 1600 EUR and after some talk we settled on 1650 EUR. SOOOO... what to do? I didn't want to spend that much money on a guitar right now but, for this price, should I pass this...
  8. prs1979

    NGD X 4!!!

    What just happened?? Guitar heaven??? :D
  9. prs1979

    My first PRS - which one?

    Just found a local music store who haves an S2 Singlecut in stock! Although it's not the exact model I'm thinking of, it should give me a good idea on the quality of these S2 series. Can't wait to get off work :D
  10. prs1979

    My first PRS - which one?

    Wow thanks for the Youtube link. I will be watching it as soon as I got home ;)
  11. prs1979

    Pre-purchase questions. PRS or Parker guitar?

    Yes as long as you return the guitar with no scratches, dents or anything broken they will return your money 100%. Also must be in original case, shipping box with papers, tags, you know... You can read about it here: Hope it helps your quest.
  12. prs1979

    My first PRS - which one?

    I'm really considering the S2 at the moment... By the way, the pictured guitar is an S2 Custom 24 (taken from PRS website):
  13. prs1979

    Pre-purchase questions. PRS or Parker guitar?

    In most online shops they offer a 30 day money back no questions asked. I think some even refund the shipping costs (I think Thomann does it). So if you can't buy local, order online, test it carefully thru your gear and then send it back if not happy. The only hassle would be to re-package the...
  14. prs1979

    Pre-purchase questions. PRS or Parker guitar?

    Now that you mentioned that, I recall I tried a SE Custom Semi Hollow (exactly like the one below) and was rather underwhelmed with the guitar. Action was kinda high and the pickups sounded so-so. Playability was not very good. BUT I always take into consideration, sometimes, music stores are...
  15. prs1979

    Pre-purchase questions. PRS or Parker guitar?

    Hello André, I'm considering the S2 Custom 24 myself. Can't help you on the choice but I guess with PRS USA you cannot go wrong.
  16. prs1979

    NGD S2 Singlecut Blue Crab Smokeburst

    Awesome guitar. Congrats. What do you reckon are the main differences you feel to the SE? I'm asking because I'm buying my first PRS and facing this dilemma.
  17. prs1979

    NGD McKorina Brazillian board!

    Awesome guitar. Congrats! Just curious: what do you like about the Duncan JB bridge pickup that the stock one don't have?
  18. prs1979

    Bad Set-up from the Factory... Anyone else? Advice?

    To the OP: glad it all turned out OK. Now enjoy playing that wonderful guitar ;)
  19. prs1979

    My first PRS - which one?

    I just fell in love with this: 1385 EUR... for a guy wanting to spend only 600 EUR is a bit of stretch. Let's save and sell not needed gear... Would you think it would be worth it instead of the SE?
  20. prs1979

    NGD......DW on the Loose!

    Sweet guitar! Congrats.