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    Considering PRS West Street Limited Edition...

    My Westie.....I changed the PU's to Low Wind Rewinds w/ covers before the change
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    RIP - Frankie Clarke

    Frankie had a lot of health problems over the last 6 months. He passed yesterday with a Cardiac Attack. He was a huge talent and special person. RIP Frankie.
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    Happy Birthday, Shawn!

    Belated Happy B-day Shawn...take care and enjoy!
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    North American Guitar Amplifier Museum

    Sept. reminder....all are invited!
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    North American Guitar Amplifier Museum

    Me and my PRS PS hangin' at the Studio (at least the guitar looks good...LOL)
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    North American Guitar Amplifier Museum

    Here is the article in Premier Guitar and some clips
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    So I used this in rehearsal the other day....

    Very cool guitar...indeed!
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    North American Guitar Amplifier Museum

    A few pictures.... This is just some of the awesome collection!
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    New Member, NGD and... can I see your 305?

    I really like the tone of the 305....That white one is sweet! I didn't buy one.....until I saw a PS at the PRS Experience 2 yrs. ago. I had a weak moment and ripped out my Visa card.
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    North American Guitar Amplifier Museum

    On Sept. 22, 2013 (the day after the PRS Experience), the Invisible Sound Studio will has a Open House for all those who wish to attend. This will be from 12noon to 5pm. Next month, Premier Guitar Magazine will has a video and a article about this Studio and Museum in Baltimore, Md. The...
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    First live concert?

    Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels in Central Park in 1966 ( I was 15 yrs. old) and the next week (Central park) I saw Ultimate Spinach (warm up band) with Iron Butterfly.
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    Aftermarket 408's

    Sometimes I like ugly.......:-P
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    NGD - Siggy P22

    I would buy that.....nice one Markie!!!!!!
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    Favorite PRS TODAY?

    Re: Favorite TODAY? Both my newest and favorite as of today.....
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    Show your PS!

    I always wanted a 305 with a Swamp Ash body....... Last year at the Experience, i was just browsing at the guitars for sale. There it was.......and there was Brent....then there was my credit card. A "borrowed picture" A very "tonefull" guitar. Wayne