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    What are some other guitar forums you visit?

    mylespaul and marshallforum
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    How would you finish Roasted Swamp Ash?

    uhm ... not for me. I consider the pickguard shape one of the distinguishing signs of the Strato and for me it is then an "untouchable" feature.
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    SE CE?!

    @Aahzz more confortable than the core CE ? At that point it is twice as thicker. Anyway, my point is: this is unequivocally a PRS this is identical to dozens of other models, starting from Strato ending to ... Cort M Series (just to remain in the Far East)
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    SE CE?!

    WTF is this ? o_O Look at the core CE ... ^^ this shape ^^ to me is one of the trademarks of PRS (even more than the birds...)
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    How would you finish Roasted Swamp Ash?

    Gloss finish requires buffing and that is not easy to do it yourself.
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    How would you finish Roasted Swamp Ash?

    One layer of Black stain (sanded to leave it only into the wood grain), some layers of Vintage Cherry stain, some layers transparent satin finish (spray).
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    Buckle rash protection

    o_O They are definitely not rockers ... Nothing is more important than how you dress when you are a rockstar or want to be one. Rather you show up on stage in your underwear! ;)
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    LP tone

    Paul Kossof
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    Locking 594 bridge

    Welcome to the "Simple Tasks' Complication Office"
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    My all time musical genius is...

    Pete Townshend, a modern composer beyond the musician
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    Gibson comes out with 2 new guitar models after two YouTuber's. LOL

    Gibson Rick Beato LP costs the same as a PRS S2 but it is completely made in USA ...
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    Simple to use drum machine

    Hydrogen runs on windows and linux
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    OMG It finally Happened. A T-Style PRS Guitar (NF53)

    Thanks, not for me ... Nor for model itself nor for the principle...
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    Myles Kennedy PRS released

    For those wondering when a PRS telecaster ...
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    Pickup spacing for PRS custom 24

    Shouldn't pickups have different spacing based on neck (narrow, ~50mm) or bridge (wider, ~52mm) position ? Gibson's ones do.
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    About That 'Legendary' Gear Word...

    And when as well as "legendary" it is also "iconic" then it is the apotheosis ... Marketing is a curious world ...
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    NGD: 2003 Santana III

    Look here: PRS truss rod adjustment
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    Which guitar hero got you to pick up an axe?

    Not forgetting Neil Murray!