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  1. Roy

    "....I done'd a bad ting, George...." Ooooops....

    Absolutely awesome! But where are the other 4 strings?
  2. Roy

    Dogs, and practicing playing with distractions

    Love it! Dogs are so wonderful! One of mine recently decided that when I “sing” it’s time for a duet. I had to translate her lines for my wife. “Shut up! You make my ears hurt”...
  3. Roy

    NGD...and new to PRS!

    Welcome aboard! Take a couple of photos, upload them to a hosting site like imgur, reply or post a couple more times, then post the picks for some love!
  4. Roy

    Subconciously Slinking To a Corner Of the Stage?

    A friend once told me an old Russian saying that translates as “Screw up beautifully”. Best advice ever!
  5. Roy


    Sounds like a song in the making “Impatiently Waiting...”
  6. Roy

    Neck design.

    There are not any visible bolts on the neck joint of my T55e and P20e, inside or outside. So I would assume a similar joint. Photos in
  7. Roy

    Hardcase , Softcase, or Gigbag? (Tonare T40E)

    PRS hard case:
  8. Roy

    Private Stock Friday

  9. Roy

    A Mystery

    Two snakes in love!
  10. Roy

    Can I get the 21 rules of tone?

    1 study physics 2 study mathematics 3 study botany 4 study ergonomics 5 study music 6 study scientific method 7 study science 8 study engineering 9 study wood craft 10 study electronics 11 study art 12 study life 13 study history 14 study humanities 15 study instruments 16 study...
  11. Roy

    US Mint State guitar picks

    Cool. So that’s why there is a coin shortage...
  12. Roy

    Found - Now What?

    I kept picturing outdoor scenes: people enjoying a BBQ, dog catching a frisbee, beach party,... The things we are waiting for post pandemic... the sound is so positive vibes so I’ll vote for some lyrics. Thank you for sharing!
  13. Roy

    My first PRS arrives tomorrow!

    Here’s a little help showing off your new beauty! Congrats!
  14. Roy

    Guitar buzzes/rings when string is plucked on highest fret?

    Maybe hitting neck pickup? Just something to eliminate...
  15. Roy

    The *unofficial * PRSs & Dogs Thread.

    Now that handsome pup needs a few more months before chasing any putty tats!
  16. Roy

    What's Coming in 2021?

    Something like this?
  17. Roy

    Tom Scholz: Innovator

    Here’s a good interview with Tom Schulz:
  18. Roy

    Private Stock Friday

    Ok PRS, how do you do that! AMAZING!
  19. Roy

    The *unofficial * PRSs & Dogs Thread.

    My condolences. I really miss all my wonderful mutts from years gone by. Currently have three in the pack. I wrote this after losing my Bear Playful puppyhood Life's cheerful companion Heaven's gate awaits