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  1. PRSAK

    EL34s in an Archon

    The Archon came from the factory in both configurations. You could choose 6L6 or EL34. It seems like 6L6 was more popular. I have an EL34 version retubed with KT77s. Purple. I absolutely love it.
  2. PRSAK

    PRS Arcana: What Am I Missing Here?

    Still just about my favorite looking guitar in the world Les. I have the same PS in flamed red and it's beautiful but vintage yellow and that quilt top on yours...just wow!
  3. PRSAK

    The ole 5-way rotary sw....Has it been relegated to history's dust bin?

    Man...the rotary is practically all I know! I've got a healthy selection of CUs and CEs that all have rotary swiches. I do have a few with McCarty switching as well but no blades. Blades are for strats!
  4. PRSAK

    NGD: The top I did not deserve, but needed

    Ridiculously awesome!
  5. PRSAK

    MT 100

    It doesn't look any more hideous than paragraph after paragraph with the first letter of every word capitalized! Not downgrading what you have to say but, damn, it's hard to read!
  6. PRSAK

    Hendrix at the Hollywood Bowl 8/18/67

    No ****?! That's my birthday album. Really. My birth day! And I was born in LA. Wish my mother would have gone to the show to have me instead of the stupid hospital!
  7. PRSAK

    RUSH …. It’s time

    Rhythms, solos, or complete song don't miss nuthin? Passage to Bangkok is pretty easy start to finish I would venture. And super cool!
  8. PRSAK

    TPS - Simon McBride

    I love that dude's playing!
  9. PRSAK

    RUSH …. It’s time

    I'm falling down on the job and have completely neglected this thread. I like Rush.
  10. PRSAK

    G3 Reunion Tour

    I'm super excited about this. Saw the original tour - also in Denver. I will admit that there are a **** ton of notes and it's a lot to process but, hey, I'm still up for the challenge!
  11. PRSAK

    If You Had To Make Do...

    Y'all are going to laugh at me but if I can only have one amp on a desert island it would probably be my Blackstar HT5 mini stack (pictured in my Pointy Guitars post). My favorite amp sounds are the hot-rodded Marshall tones of the 80s and the HT5 does those so damn well at household volume...
  12. PRSAK

    Made a couple changes to the Wet/Dry Rig:

    Even reverb? I gotta have reverb on my Archon (cuz I love reverb) and so I just keep a TCE Hall of Fame in the loop all the time.
  13. PRSAK

    RUSH …. It’s time

    Gotta chime in on the Jacobs Ladder deviation. After seeing the original "what's the hardest song to play on guitar? and the response where I literally did think to myself "really?" then I had to try it. And you know what? It's freakin hard! It's coming along but, damn, I'm still flubbing...
  14. PRSAK

    RUSH …. It’s time

    Pretty wild to think of the musical output (Rush - CoS) from these super young dudes in less than 2 years! Extend that to 3 and you get 2112. Holy shitballs.
  15. PRSAK

    RUSH …. It’s time

    So FbN...what a ridiculous leap in terms of overall musicianship. Anthem is such a powerful song. Neil's steals the show immediately! And I actually have to admit that it's nice to hear some "real" lyrics as opposed to Rush which (everyone knows the story) Geddy had to scratch out at the last...
  16. PRSAK

    NGD and Review: The Fabulous SE 594

    Beauty! And an almost unbelievable value! Great score!
  17. PRSAK

    RUSH …. It’s time

    Sorry late to the discussion. My all time favorite band. I'm a disciple! Where are we now? FbN? Comments for Rush: Finding my Way may be the best introductory song by any band ever! (Yeah - oh -yeah!) And Working Man could be the best album closer. Such a rocking first album. And I...
  18. PRSAK

    Pointy Guitars

    Yeah. Now that is a PAF (think about it) guitar for sure!
  19. PRSAK

    Pointy Guitars

    That ESP would make a fair jousting weapon against my King V, Bodia! Nice axe. I'm actually getting ready to put all but the white Dinky back in their cases and get a new set of guitars in rotation. But I'd never lined up my pointy guitars like this so thought I'd document (and share) the...
  20. PRSAK

    Pointy Guitars

    I love, love, love all my PRS guitars. But sometimes I just feel like going pointy!