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  1. Maertl513

    Color fading in current models

    @László provided once a deep dive into this topic of fading colours.
  2. Maertl513

    NGD - DGT Keeper

    @LerxstFan: Your DGT is optically beyond any words.
  3. Maertl513

    Granddaughter Performef Live On TV In Chicago Thanksgiving Parade Broadcast

    There must be something in the genes, which is called dedication to music (paired with talent). A proud gramp you are for sure!
  4. Maertl513

    Verify authenticity of PRS 513

    Do you have the MODCAT? 2004-07 is the time of the so called 513 RW (Rosewood). 2007-09 they changed the neck material to mahogany (fretboard remained rosewood). Hence it is possible, that this guitar is - as already mentioned - on of the first 513 with mahogany neck. The tuners are typical for...
  5. Maertl513

    PRS Accessories: USA stock vs. UK/EU

    Indeed. If I want to hit the road with a Mercedes, I call a Taxi. Regardless, it is strange that PRS guitars aren't not more expensive than the US prices. Importing as a private person a PRS currently from the USA to Europe is more expensive than buying it in an European guitar shop. That's...
  6. Maertl513

    Thoughts on other guitars after 10 years of “Santanas”

    Our ants in Europe seem to be way smaller, than in the USA. I haven't seen them playing the guitar. :)
  7. Maertl513

    Thoughts on other guitars after 10 years of “Santanas”

    I never was attracted by Santana's music nor the guitar design, but a good PRS household should own a least one. Because it is somehow one part of the history of this brand and success.
  8. Maertl513

    PRS Accessories: USA stock vs. UK/EU

    Via social media - and of course the official PRS homepage - you can compare either the available stock an the pricings of PRS accessories. Living in Europe first we don't have the full stock and secondly the prices are higher, too. I don't know the rational of PRS USA having decide about this...
  9. Maertl513

    Played a Fiore today

    I played one once. Aswell a Silver Sky. In terms of optical appearance the Fiore looks more worthy than the Silver Sky. The haptical feeling of the Fiore was better for my hands, too. But tonally my 513s don't make my seek both. Those core 513s deliver USA PRS expectations without...
  10. Maertl513

    Happy Veterans Day

    I'm late to thank my fellow brothers in arms for having served or for continued serving. I was around observing the training of Ukraine soldiers and had a meaningful talk with their senior officer. War sucks.
  11. Maertl513

    PRS Arcana: What Am I Missing Here?

    If Burrluck's book was pdf with OCR, then it would be a more easy approach. Other than that: How about to call the Customer Service with this RFI?!
  12. Maertl513

    The Wayback Machine Makes A Miracle!

    And the tape wasn't found in the tomb of one of the pyramids of Giza or in the Kings Valley? Very cool that musical pieces had been conserved from those days. That was pretty much a very dymanic time with the Nam protests. One year prior Woodstock Festival.
  13. Maertl513

    Who is hip to Headphones?

    I owned once a Beyerdynamic DT-1770 Pro w/ 250 Ohm. My trustful company when playing my HELIX Floor silent - or recording musical ideas.
  14. Maertl513

    About retire.

    Basically we need do something for our living, as long we don't want to be depended on support. There are jobs which combine passion and income, others income only - maybe combined with toxic feelings. We could stand those toxic environments - for some time. But there is a risk of psychological...
  15. Maertl513

    Get your straps out

    Depicted (l to r, with mentioning to respective guitar): - Peavey HP2 NOS: Richter Paul Landers [Rammstein guitarist] signature strap. - Linus Red Scorpion (custom made guitar): Richter Paul Landers signature strap. - Linus Paganini violin guitar: Richter strap (I can't find the bill for more...
  16. Maertl513

    Do you feel like your PRS is too nice?

    Are they too nice? I didn't purchase them to watch them behind glass. They are bought to be played. I take care of them, because the look was asweel a factor to be considered prior acquisation. Their reason to exist is to be an instrument to make music.
  17. Maertl513

    PRS Arcana: What Am I Missing Here?

    Everything I found out is not really hot stuff information. These 30th Anniversary PS are reminiscences to the old workshop manual craftmanship - and Paul's blue prints. Headstock angle, heel design, flatter violin carving. No CNC, but manual carving. And a different carved lower horn (a little...
  18. Maertl513

    PRS Arcana: What Am I Missing Here?

    I have a German friend - same academical education like you - who is very much into the pre-factory phase and started a thread in a German forum. Maybe he could unveil the curtain of unconciousness :-) I will ask him. (Not to jump into our personal area I inform you, that a certain...
  19. Maertl513

    My Boy at The When We Were Young Festival - In Two Bands, Added Pics And Video

    A well deserved achievement being selected as an endorser though, especially of a really big brand. And obviously he is very much confident with Fender guitars, that they turn out to be the voice of his soul and fingers.
  20. Maertl513

    My Boy at The When We Were Young Festival - In Two Bands, Added Pics And Video

    Guitar-wise your son is currently still not fully on the bright side, the PRS trust hasn't been gained until now, has it? Well, it's awesome, that he rocks on stages in front of thousands of excited fans.