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  1. El Fenix

    Help me choose a PRS electric please

    Used DGT may be possible
  2. El Fenix

    Korina, Korina

    I've got a Korina tele
  3. El Fenix

    Thinking about replacing bone nut in core DGTs

    Nut width on the DGT is right around 42mm 1 21/32 iirc
  4. El Fenix

    Thoughts on selling gear on Facebook Marketplace?

    Quick and local. But the Craigslist lowballers seem to have moved over the try.
  5. El Fenix

    Replace DGT pups?

    I find my DGT a lot brighter than my LP. A DGT sounding dark and muddy is foreign to me.
  6. El Fenix

    PSA - Mesa is discontinuing the Rosetta - Guitar Sanctuary Deals!

    They are about 45 minutes from mo.
  7. El Fenix

    Blues Jr.

    Didn't know that. This would be a home amp, so it may not really matter in this case.
  8. El Fenix

    Blues Jr.

    A coworker was looking for an amp around $500. I sent him some listings of used Blues Jr and Vox AC15. Not sure how to beat either of those at that price point.
  9. El Fenix

    tuning issues and possible remedies for DGT

    Never had that issue. Mine stays in tune very well. My EBMM does too
  10. El Fenix

    10's on core model DGT.

    Mine had 10s when I got it. Went to 11s, but never really bonded with them. Have 10.5s on there now. I normally use 10-46 on my Les Paul
  11. El Fenix

    DGT: I Have Been Assimilated.

    Les Pauls around 8.5. Heaviest is 9.3 pounds. DGT, I need to weigh it, but it's lighter.
  12. El Fenix

    DGT: I Have Been Assimilated.

    All of my Les Pauls weigh less than that. Most range around 8.5 pounds. My DGT is way under that.
  13. El Fenix

    DGT: I Have Been Assimilated.

    I'm a bit miffed that David appeared with a couple different semi-hollow DGT finishes on podcasts and it never went to production. I did tell my wife if they make a production version, I'm buying one straight away.
  14. El Fenix

    DGT: I Have Been Assimilated.

    Semi-hollow DGT :)
  15. El Fenix

    No for sale section?

    Wanted: Monica Bellucci. 1999 model preferred.
  16. El Fenix

    RUSH …. It’s time

    Those Hiwatt DR 103 or DR504 are insanely LOUD and dont break up really until they are loud enough to kill small mammals. Arguably louder than a Marshall 1959 SLP at full tilt. Jimmy Page hada custom one with an extra gain stage (12ax7?) added because of that.
  17. El Fenix

    RUSH …. It’s time

    All The World's A Stage is one of the best 70s live albums. Been listening to it a lot. Alex's tone was arguably never better.
  18. El Fenix

    Gibson comes out with 2 new guitar models after two YouTuber's. LOL

    I have one of those too. Great guitars, with a killer neck.
  19. El Fenix

    Gibson comes out with 2 new guitar models after two YouTuber's. LOL

    I'd make the argument that for a time CREED was huge. I listened to a lot of them in high school and college. Watch their Woodstock '99 set. Holds up. Alterbridge hadn't had the same mass appeal. Mark is stlll a monster guitar player.
  20. El Fenix

    PRS DGT Wiring Harness

    Mine usually goes through a Marshall 6100