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    Olympics Opening Ceremony

    Saw M.O. ! I was stoked for PRS !!! I wondered if the factory employees were there watching and cheering!
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    PRS guitars that you own and what do you want

    My SC245 After trying lots of PRSi - starting with a McKorina, to a SCTrem (artist - which was very nice, but not a bluesy sound) - I finally ordered a SC245 (I'll attempt to attach a photo) and had the 57/08's...
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    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    BEER, BEER, BEER - isn't there a song about that? I'm sure it was accompanied on a PRS! But, I thought y'all were talking about GOOD BEER. On that, when you come to Richmond, VA to play that PRS, you will be privledged to be able to obtain Legend's. You'll never leave - yea, PRS and Legend's...
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    Re: What are you listening to? SANTANA - SHAPE SHIFTER - out today!!! Classical Music of the next millenium. Aspire to his playing.
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    Carlos Santana - an inspiration to my beginning to play - and play PRS guitars - yea you're right - Never the Same Again - your music is an eternal joy - and this new one - Shape Shifter - is the classical music of the next milenium. What little I have left of my journey, your music inspires...
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    I Wish PRS would make

    Yea, all of the original post - with a 2Tek option!!! Linwood
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    I Wish PRS would make

    .....daggone, how'd he get THAT?!?
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    I Wish PRS would make

    YEA - I MEANT THAT TOO! (and, option a 2Tek!) Linwood
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    I Wish PRS would make

    A SINGLE CUT in a DGT (same specs - just different body shape - and a Standard is fine), and a Swamp Ash studio single cut. AND a Tele shape - heck put P90's on it!