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  1. Silvertree

    What are you playing right now...

    This is still one of my all time favorite guitars. FYI, my hands work really well with Pattern Regular if you need a place to store this. ;-)
  2. Silvertree

    Neck for smaller hands - opinions welcome

    I feel the exact same way.
  3. Silvertree

    Anybody into StarTrek Strange New Worlds?

    I really enjoy Strange New Worlds. The first season was outstanding.
  4. Silvertree

    So…. Without getting political, just curious what Podcasts you all listen to…

    I am about 3/4 through Dan Carlin's Hardcore History Blueprint for Armageddon and it's amazing. I knew very little about WWI history prior to listening.
  5. Silvertree

    I wish dealers would post better

    It drives me crazy when CME, who obviously knows better, doesn't post the neck carve on their Reverb ads. I know why but it still irks me.
  6. Silvertree

    PRS 594 vs. Special 22 Semi-Hollow

    I cannot play on a pattern vintage neck at all so that would be the deciding factor for me.
  7. Silvertree

    PRS DGT vs PRS Special 22

    I like the neck carve on the DGT more than I like the Pattern neck on the Special 22. That would be my deciding factor.
  8. Silvertree

    Luthier Recommendation? Neck reshaping.

    Good thread. Thank you for asking the question.
  9. Silvertree

    Modern Eagle V owners: is the 250/500 switch important?

    Mine doesn't have the extra switch and I can't imagine why it would it need it. I think if that switch made that much of a difference they would't have discontinued it.
  10. Silvertree

    Ugly guitars (not PRS of course)

    I like Paul Gilbert's guitars. Now the new Zakk Wylde guitars have to be the ugliest guitars in existence, even though I am a huge fan of ZW.
  11. Silvertree

    Anyone watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds?

    Agreed. I really enjoyed SNW. The first two seasons of Discovery were outstanding as well. The third and fourth are decent, not as good, but worth watching. The first season of Picard was good, season two was just okay, but season three has been outstanding as well.
  12. Silvertree

    Is Rock Dead?

    You, Sir, are a man of culture and taste.
  13. Silvertree

    Private Stock Friday

    Omg that lefty!
  14. Silvertree

    Hey St. Pat, how ‘bout some green guitars?!

    Absolutely amazing!
  15. Silvertree

    Hey St. Pat, how ‘bout some green guitars?!

    I am going to need to see more pictures of the first one.
  16. Silvertree

    What companies have interest free financing for PRS guitars?

    Moore's has many months free financing.
  17. Silvertree

    Private Stock Friday

    This top is perfect. Oh my.
  18. Silvertree

    Private Stock Friday

    That pink with rosewood is speaking my language.