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  1. Donald McLanny

    SE Hollowbody ii Piezo “Upgrades” - Tuners, Pickguard and knob

    OK, Here's a general interest question. Some guys would Relic a MiM Strat for example, I prob would too,but for some reason I would not relic My Silver Sky SE. In the PRS sphere, what's the ratio of purists vs experimenters that would Not alter their prized Axe? Some may say that So much went...
  2. Donald McLanny

    Introduce yourself!

    Thank You. I figure a Man Forewarned is a man that knows how to explain to his wife why One never has enough guitars.;)
  3. Donald McLanny

    Time Machine

    From the "If you Insist" File... '77 Olympic Stadium, Montréal. Pink Floyd Animals tour when Rogers Waters Spit a Hoarker on a Unruly fan. The rest is Folklore.
  4. Donald McLanny

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello People, Very Pleased to Join this community as I am now Proud to own a 2022 Silver Sky SE, and find it a nice complement to my collection. Gotta Start Somewhere. I'm enjoying perusing the site and It's discoveries. Look forward to meeting some of you. Cheers. :cool: