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  1. AragonWingfoot

    Purple Iris

    The thing in the 2021 drop that stuck out to me most was the new color purple iris. I really like purple guitars, yet I can only find the little picture on the color on the prs website and nothing else. Anybody have any pictures they would like to share?
  2. AragonWingfoot

    Help- not bonding with my Core Paul’s Guitar

    I kinda had this exact feeling about my 509, I found it really hard to get it to sound like traditional pickups. I ended up getting a hollowbody II, which compliments the high fi pickups of my 509.
  3. AragonWingfoot

    Fret Size Wood Library Hollowbody II

    I wasn’t able to find anything online about this, but what would the frets be classified as on my hollowbody II, as in medium, vintage, or jumbo etc..? Thanks for any help.
  4. AragonWingfoot

    Your top R&D priority for Paul? Mine is ...

    Sam vein as a lot of the other guys here, make a tele. I personally wouldn’t buy it , but based on the absolute killing that the silver sky did I think the company would make a ton of money and put out a guitar a lot of people would play
  5. AragonWingfoot

    Hollowbody II With Piezo or Without

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if the piezo being installed in a core Hollowbody II affects the tonal quality of the magnetic pickups if the piezo is disengaged. What I’m asking is if there were two identical core Hollowbody II’s with the only difference being one had the piezo installed and...
  6. AragonWingfoot

    Hollowbody questions

    When I got my Hollowbody II Piezo I didn’t even try out the Piezo. I still don’t use it that often and I adore the TCI 58/15 LTs. The Piezo nice to have occasionally, but don’t rule the guitar out just because it has one.
  7. AragonWingfoot

    Does a Mono Vertigo Semi Hollow fit a SE Hollowbody Piezo?

    I have the Mono M-80 dual. I was a little worried about it fitting my wood Library Hollowbody II, But it fits well. Assuming the SE version is the same thickness the veritigo should hold it.
  8. AragonWingfoot

    11 or 10 gauge strings on hollowbody

    I used to be a hardcore elixir 9s on everything I had. When I got my Hollowbody I loved the thicker strings so much I kept them and haven’t looked back since. There is something about how the guitar plays and sounds with the 11s i love. It just feels more professional and controlled. I don’t...
  9. AragonWingfoot

    tremolo vs hard bridge?? help!

    Personally I like the PRS tremelo. I have two PRS’s, one has hard tail the other has the Trem. I would normally encourage you to try out the Trem, but since you seem sure you want a hard tail, find a hard tail.
  10. AragonWingfoot

    Fab 5

    I don’t think I could live without a PRS Hollowbody MODEL: Hollowbody II Piezo BODY WOOD: Mahogany TOP AND BACK WOOD: Curly Maple NECK WOOD: Quarter-sawn mahogany FRETBOARD WOOD: Pure Black Ebony INLAY: Abalone Birds BRIDGE: Stoptail wraparound with adjusters ELECTRONICS: TCI 85/15 LT with...
  11. AragonWingfoot

    Purple Finish Fading

    Was that a light purple or dark purple at first? It looks great now!
  12. AragonWingfoot

    Purple Finish Fading

    So I’ve heard a lot about blue fading and seen what that looks like. Does anybody have examples of what a purple would look like when it fades. I have a Wood Library Purple mist and would like to “see into the future.” Thanks everybody!
  13. AragonWingfoot

    Next PRS?!

    I guess it depends on how much you’re willing to spend, if you want a core that’s versatile try to find a used 509. The 509 can do everything imaginable, especially what you mentioned. If you’re looking to try to stay SE, I’ve heard lots of good things about the new SE Hollow-bodies. I...
  14. AragonWingfoot

    Artificial harmonics monster

    I have the same experience when compared to my les Paul. I think the 509 is just a little brighter and that’s what helps it wail.
  15. AragonWingfoot

    Artificial harmonics monster

    I also have a 509. In the bridge humbucker I would say it absolutely is one of the best humbuckers under gain. I use a Friedman profile through my kemper and yeah, you could say artificial harmonics are “easy”.
  16. AragonWingfoot

    My first PRS (what would you choose)

    I guess I would disagree with the general consensus. The first PRS I bought was a used 509 from guitar center. It was by far a great move. I personally have always liked the look and feel of most PRSi, but when it came to Cu24 I’m not a fan of their sound, (too flat). I fell in love with the...
  17. AragonWingfoot

    Semi hollow special 22

    I have a 509 and it has a great funk voice, in the right positions of course (in between positions on single coil of course). If I remember correctly from the couple SSH i played the weight was not that different. Both guitars are very well balanced of course. The 509 is definitely more single...
  18. AragonWingfoot

    Which 3 Pickup PRS?

    I have essentially two guitars, a 509 and a wood Library Hollowbody II piezo. They compliment each other very well. The Hollowbody is the perfect set of vintagesque humbucker (2020 TCI) while the 509 is single coils that happen to have the option for some of the best super Strat modern...
  19. AragonWingfoot

    Cleaning a Hollowbody?

    It is the new finish which is nitro, what should I watch out for?
  20. AragonWingfoot

    NGD - I done'd a bad ting, George........

    I have a piezo in my Hollowbody ii, and I will never get rid of that guitar. You’re going to love the PRS Piezo.