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    Nad 10-24-2014

    Ola does great playthroughs. This video with Petrucci really sells it though. Great little amp!
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    New (to me) Cu24 + new pups

    Man, I just love HFS/VB. If anyone wants to sell a set let me know! Great guitar, I love a "played" PRS.
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    2015 30th Anniversary Dragon

    Best Dragon to date imo. Amazing.
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    PRS Archon Amplifier Head Guitar World

    Love that amp sound. I don't think I've seen a bad review for it yet.
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    Just put a set of 12-54 Ernie Ball Aluminum Bronze-

    I just went for the Aluminum Bronze on my '61 Gibson J45 and LOVE them. Dynamically they are very lively and the sound is clearer and more focused especially on the low end. I come from and continue to use EB Earthwoods which I also love.
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    The making of a Collection Acoustic Guitar:

    Thank you for posting this!
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    Are there any PRS guitars that successfully delve into stratocaster territory?

    I love what the Brent Mason Signature model can do. I think it may be the closest I've heard.
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    Softube Saturation Knob Plug-In

    It's actually really great! There are quite a few saturation type plugins out there and they each offer something a little different. Try a few demos, but you won't go wrong with Softube.
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    Does anyone prefer PRS in plain finishes?

    I modded up a PRS SE7 to be all blacked out and I really liked it aesthetically. Not the best player 7 so I moved on from it. I think the solid finish really works for that guitar though, better than the flames or quilts which I am not a fan of on the SEs.
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    What song is your nemesis?

    Lots of Opeth. Their playing techniques are just different enough from mine that it's a struggle to master. Plus a ton of crazy chord voicings.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hey all. Been around for a long time, not a big forum poster. I bought my first PRS CU24 in purple new in 1993 at the ripe age of 20 while working at a music store. We had just become a dealer and got in a few examples. I was/am a big thrash metal guy and old USA Jacksons were my particular...
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    Anyone Here Owned Their PRS between 10 to 20 years ?

    My first one, a CU24 bought new in 1993 is still perfect to this day. Wear on the bobbin edges and a few love marks here and there but the purple has faded very nicely.
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    EMG hate

    Seek out an EMG 57/66 set. They are incredibly versatile and very dynamic. There are some great clips on YouTube.