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  1. Buddy Shagmore

    Who has a core Singlecut 594?

    Resistance was useless. I pulled the trigger on a new core SC 594 10 Top in Fire Red Burst. Got a smokin' deal too. Waiting on the delivery truck...
  2. Buddy Shagmore

    58/15LT or 58/15LT+

    I see some new core SC 594 as having the "+" version of these pickups. I haven't seen any info on the PRS website. Is there an actual difference?
  3. Buddy Shagmore

    Do I really need a PRS Studio guitar?

    Congrats on your killer Fire Red Fire Burst! I got one in Antique White a few months back. Such a pleasure to play, and the tones it delivers are great. But like a strat, the 2&4 positions have the treble/brightness dropoff. I compensate for that by using my Keeley compressor, with a boost in...
  4. Buddy Shagmore

    Who has a core Singlecut 594?

    Kinda jonesin for one here.
  5. Buddy Shagmore


    Not sure if mentioned already, but have you tried any supplements to ease your arthritus? I had it in my shoulder. My Dr said it was due to aging. Recommended that I take glucosimine, which I take daily, along with MSM. These eased my symptoms substantially. Best wishes.
  6. Buddy Shagmore

    Played a PRS Studio today

    No relation. Never heard of him. Sure he's not a Shagwell? My sax player is named Sergio, but is not related.
  7. Buddy Shagmore

    Played a PRS Studio today

    I got a new Studio about 2 months ago. I rate it right up there with my Collings and Grosh. The NFs are like beefier singlecoils, and the Low Turn HB is perfect for this guitar. The trem bridge is a joy and feels smooth under my palm. Mine is a solid color in Antique White, with the natural...
  8. Buddy Shagmore

    I have the BEST wife in the world!

    Ask She Who Must Be Obeyed if you can play it before your actual birthday.
  9. Buddy Shagmore

    An easy, user friendly PRS Buyers Guide 2023

    Good review, but he never mentioned the different neck carves.
  10. Buddy Shagmore

    Were you affected by yesterday's eclipse?

    I seemed to have more command over my core Studio.
  11. Buddy Shagmore


    I switched from Clayton large rounded triangle .63 to Bog Street Axe Cut mediums, which are very ergonomic, have a .6 flex tip and two 2mm chisel tips. They are easy to hold on to.
  12. Buddy Shagmore

    Strap locks for Semi Hollow?

    I have D'Addario strap locks on my Paul's Guitar. I like the easy install and low profile. No tools necessary for the strap.
  13. Buddy Shagmore

    So which neck is larger (thicker)? The Pattern or the Pattern Regular neck?

    The Pattern. This replaced the late great Wide Fat, which was slightly bigger.
  14. Buddy Shagmore

    What are the lead times for production of PRS Core Custom 24-08 ?

    I saw my Core Studio on Reverb. The dealer is a 2 hr drive. I went there in person and got 10% off. Easy to understand, if you deduct Reverb and Shipping fees. Really happy with my deal and the guitar. Just my experience.
  15. Buddy Shagmore

    Core Studio opinions?

    Gotta love the Patten neck! Thru my Fillmore 50 combo, the NF pickups are clear and very full bodied. The neck NF is fat and stratty...middle is useful, and the 58/15 LT bridge pu is right up my alley, and well balanced with the NFs. Happy picker here!
  16. Buddy Shagmore

    Core Studio opinions?

    Welp, I succumbed to my desires and drove 2.5 hrs to San Diego to score a new Antique White Core Studio. The guys at Pitbull Audio are very cool. Got 10% off, and a free set up. It was worth the drive. It's kind of a non-blingy PRS, The maple binding is a nice touch, and you can tell the build...
  17. Buddy Shagmore

    NGD 2001 Singlecut Purple!

    Ahh, what do I know? lol! I don't play metal, but I guess with a lot of gain/pedals, they'll get you there. I play more edge of breakup tones, and they are great for that.
  18. Buddy Shagmore

    NGD 2001 Singlecut Purple!

    Watching your video, I see that you are in the metal realm. I don't think the 36ths are the best choice for that. Rock on broheim!
  19. Buddy Shagmore

    NGD 2001 Singlecut Purple!

    Got Wide Fat neck, right? My favorite...the Pattern carve comes close. I had a '01 Goldtop Singlecut, was not happy with the #7s. I went with Dimarzio 36th Annies, and for me, it was the icing on my PRS cake. Congrats and enjoy your awesome Singlecut!
  20. Buddy Shagmore

    Core Studio opinions?

    Did that one have the Pattern neck? Isn't the Pattern PRS' current biggest carve? My Paul's has a Pattern, I have bonded with it. It is "almost" as big as the ol' late great Wide Fat (had an '01 Singlecut with W/F).