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  1. Fro

    PRS / Apple

    The marketing campaigns of PRS and Taylor are very similar to Apple and they are good at it. Many people have bought new guitars to get the latest model.
  2. Fro

    Which S-Locks to get?

    I have the new style on all of my guitars. I like them because Schaller tightened up the tolerances and they don’t rattle like the old style.
  3. Fro

    Wow! Slow day at the forum!

    Yes, you‘ve lost your swagger. :(
  4. Fro

    NGD - NF53!

    The one thing I have noticed is I’ve only seen two used NF53 on Reverb. That tells me people that bought because it’s a new model are keeping them.
  5. Fro

    NGD - NF53!

    What PRS neck shape does that compare to?
  6. Fro

    Who is hip to Headphones?

    I really like my Sennheiser 650. The favorite over on the Fractal Forum is the Ollo S4X and Ollo S5X. If I played through my headphones more often I’d probably try a set of Ollo’s just because of the hype they get on the other forum. Some of those guys play thru headphones most of the time.
  7. Fro

    Get your straps out

    I’m a big fan of Brookwood Leather straps. I have four nice guitars and want a nice strap for each. My other two wear Italia Leathers straps which I can also highly recommend.
  8. Fro

    Special Semi-hollow - white dust and PTC modification

    The dust is probably from your pick wearing.
  9. Fro

    How would you finish Roasted Swamp Ash?

    Clear with a black guard would look good. Other options: honeyburst trans white trans sonic blue
  10. Fro

    Semi-hollow special prices

    Just my opinion, but I can only see new prices going up with inflation. I’m also guessing used prices will fall as the economy worsens.
  11. Fro

    Buckle rash protection

    I came in to say if you get fat enough your buckle will never touch your guitar, but I like the idea of wearing the buckle to the side better. Why didn’t you guys give up this belt trick a decade ago? It’s going to be tough getting rid of this gut.
  12. Fro

    Anyone know about this guitar pick?

    Looks close to the Dunlop flow shape.
  13. Fro

    NGD: Sending it back

    GC/AMS/MF/ZZ etc do not open guitar boxes for inspection. They just ship them out. Some buyers like that because they get a new, unopened package. Having a percentage of sales returned is part of their business model.
  14. Fro

    In Case Anyone Needs To See This...

    I have always put the first wrap over then the rest under on non locking tuners.
  15. Fro

    PRS NF53 and Miles Kennedy thoughts

    The dog hair finished models would’ve looked better without the pickguard. At least the black one would have. Of course I don’t know how they’re routed underneath.
  16. Fro

    John Mann's Guitar Vault 12th Annual Children's Charity Raffle

    Odds are slim, but I’m in!
  17. Fro

    Where to put a battery compartment?

    If you don’t want to modify the jack plate you can stick a hole plug in the extra jack hole.
  18. Fro

    Not sure what it does or even who makes it...

    I remember reading a review on that pedal. If I remember correctly, it’s the Clapton mid boost in a pedal.
  19. Fro

    OMG It finally Happened. A T-Style PRS Guitar (NF53)

    I‘d be interested in a MK model with a roasted neck. Or at least some tinted maple.
  20. Fro

    OMG It finally Happened. A T-Style PRS Guitar (NF53)

    The narrow nut width is a plus for me but I’m guessing the neck will be too thick for me after watching the Andersons video. I’d like to get my hands on one to see but the only way possible is to order a new one online. I‘m not the type to buy a $3000 guitar just to try it out and return it.