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  1. QueenCityGuitars

    Joe Walsh Signature???

    DANIELLE! :eek: Did any of the 4 come from the factory with a sweet switch washer? o_O
  2. QueenCityGuitars

    Photos, let's see 'em

    The Master-Bait Mt. Rushmore!
  3. QueenCityGuitars

    Looks like I am out of work or the time being

    Jammed some Mastodon tunes on my Private Stock Singlecut today. Felt pretty fuggin’ good... And got in before the lock! :cool:
  4. QueenCityGuitars

    Show your PS!

    Thank you, Kevin! That guitar is simply stunning. Congrats!
  5. QueenCityGuitars

    Show your PS!

    What is the official name of this stain?
  6. QueenCityGuitars

    Show your PS!

    Wow! I love the top and color, Vaughn. That is crazy nice!
  7. QueenCityGuitars

    Happy Birthday, Markie!

    I hope you have a great day, my friend! :cool:
  8. QueenCityGuitars

    2016 Challenge

    Sounds great, Steve! :cool: Nice guitar, by the way.
  9. QueenCityGuitars

    Yes, even my wife gets NGD every once in a while... PreLoved FBJ ME1

    Very nice Modern Eagle, brother! Congrats, JD...I mean Beverly. :santa:
  10. QueenCityGuitars

    PRS PS #5905 - wood selection.

    Wow, Vaughn! That turned out fantastic. What a great quilted maple top and figured mahogany back. Nice choice on the 20th Anniversary birds, too. Big time congrats, my friend! :adore:
  11. QueenCityGuitars

    NGD - McCarty Singlecut Private Stock

    Private Stock Singlecut + Diezel VH4 & 4x12 = :evil:
  12. QueenCityGuitars

    PRS PS #5905 - wood selection.

    I'm late to the party as usual. :dontknow: The top, back, and neck look fantastic, Vaughn! Is that a quilted mahogany back? Very nice! Looks like a great day with JFB, JustRob, and JustSteve (he's back in the wood library!). Great choices, Vaughn. Congrats, man! :rock:
  13. QueenCityGuitars

    Dragon 1s vs \m/ pickups

    The Dragon Is are fantastic pickups. I've used them for years and they are the best PRS pickups for hard rock/metal, in my opinion. I will say that the \m/etal pickups are fantastic as well. The best part about the \m/etal pickups are the cleans. I never would have thought a neck pickup with...
  14. QueenCityGuitars

    Kelly got a new job!

    The Evancaster is fully refurbished and currently residing in England! I should show you some pictures. Vaughn is asking about the Sinister Singlecut (a.k.a. The Symphony of Evil). :evil:
  15. QueenCityGuitars

    Kelly got a new job!

    Ha! I'll take one. Hell, I'll take two! :santa:
  16. QueenCityGuitars

    Private Stock Friday

    A little late but...oh man! :rock:
  17. QueenCityGuitars

    Rut Ro.................

    Blood Brother Midnight the night. :dontknow:
  18. QueenCityGuitars

    New Guitar Day: 3-Mike-7

    I like it. Congrats! :evil:
  19. QueenCityGuitars

    A couple of weeks ago, I brought home my first PRS...

    An '87 should have Standard Treble and Bass (stamped T and B on the pickup backs) pickups. The Treble pickup has around an 11K DC resistance, 7080 turns of 42 gauge wire, Alnico 5 magnet, with Alnico 5 slugs. The Bass pickup has around an 8.5K DC resistance, 5870 turns of 42 gauge wire, Alnico 2...
  20. QueenCityGuitars


    Thanks, Steve! :violin: