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  1. solacematt

    Now this (to me) is blatant plagiarism

    I like the body carve on the Severn better, but the pickguard and configuration more on the Vela
  2. solacematt

    HFS/VB vs 85/15

    Heart HFS/VB combo. favs are definitely the McCarty's though. Tried a few guitars with the 85/1's and never really made friends with them. I'll agree wth gush though, the HFS/VB combo definitely handles lower tunings very well.
  3. solacematt

    New Member ~ Incoming NGD ~ Sweetwater Exclusive Satin CE24

    Just saw that in the new sweetwater catalog. Glad they made the headstock black again
  4. solacematt

    New Shinedown Video :)

    New (sort of) Shinedown video for "I'll Follow You." Great song, Mr. Myers there slinging the HB and doing a bit of a Slash/November Rain impression :)
  5. solacematt

    What artists influenced or what prompted you to get PRS gear?

    I gotta be honest, live the sounds that sound the best are the one's he uses his PRS guitars on. The Big G's don't sound as great
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    What artists influenced or what prompted you to get PRS gear?

    In the 90's, before I started playing I saw Daniel Johns of Silverchair and Ross Childress from Collective Soul. Then I saw Dave Navarro, Clint Lowery and Mark Tremonti (the latter two switched from the big G incidentally after their first album) and they planted the seed. I ended up getting a...
  7. solacematt

    Not loving my Archtop bridge pickup.

    I have to say this as I'm a huge fan of the HB models, especially the McCarty models. I noticed that you mentioned that you are playing a HB2. I'm pretty sure if you check the specs you will find that they are regular pickups and they are not voiced archtop pickups like the ones that were...
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    2017 Catalog Online

  9. solacematt

    Help a fellow Player/Forum Member Out

    Thanks Steve, only a few more days left!
  10. solacematt

    Thoughts on the Zach Myers Signature SE

    Hate to say this, but I actually got rid of mine. Got a great deal on it a few years back but never quite vibed well with it. It played very nice while sitting down, but standing it just didn't feel right. At the time that I bought it I only had one hollowbody, but now that I have two McCarty...
  11. solacematt

    HFS - who else loves it?

    I use a CU, not CE but I agree with you in regards to the versatility when used with the 5-way rotary, which I also love. Ditto on being able to pull off SRV with it as well. A buddy of mine is way into that style and occasionally uses my CU24 for playing blues because he loves the...
  12. solacematt

    NGD . . . PRS McCarty 594 SC, 10 Top

    Good lord that top :eek:
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    Help a fellow Player/Forum Member Out

    LOL, you know you're in Florida when the background looks like that or see palm trees ;)
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    Help a fellow Player/Forum Member Out

    Thanks so much Shawn. Sadly we have to start all over again due to an error in their systems so a new link was given to us :/ All votes are greatly appreciated though :D Additionally though, this past Saturday night we played a cancer benefit in...
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    Help a fellow Player/Forum Member Out

    Yep, it's how they are able to make sure that it's isn't fixed. One vote per person. Thanks. I have no idea how to make the thumbnail change. Thanks so much :D Any votes ya'll can throw our way is greatly appreciated.
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    Help a fellow Player/Forum Member Out

    Need about...30 seconds or so (after reading this post) of your time. So, my band has made it to the second round of a 'Battle of the Bands' competition where the top 4 bands who get the highest fan votes makes it to the top 4 and gets to perform before a panel of judges at a very nice theater...
  17. solacematt

    New SE's are upon us!!!

    Not happy about the logo 'change.' A big thing that differentiated the Core and SE's is that the core models are 'Paul Reed Smith' guitars and the SE line are 'PRS SE' guitars. What's next, will they move the 'SE' to the truss rod cover plate instead?
  18. solacematt

    Mark Tremonti Baritone Limited Edition

    No, that's just putting words in my mouth/misreading what I wrote. PRS really are the ones who are causing an uproar by calling this a baritone when in the video for it Tremonti himself calls it a 'baritone hybrid' which he first got back in 2009 apparently (according to Guitar World). Back in...
  19. solacematt

    Mr Tremonti's new 7 string

    A great deal of the AB material, especially from Blackbird and AB3 is drop B though and he's using his black signature model with Another Animal sticker on it for those tunes
  20. solacematt

    Being in a band, should it really be this difficult?

    Depends on your scene and how things are really. The south Florida scene where I am is kind of terrible to be honest. It's mainly all indie hipster stuff and those people who play and like that music talk a lot of crap about the rock and hard rock bands around, which are very few and far between...