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  1. Harker1440

    Credit card Swipe fee

    + 1000
  2. Harker1440

    Do TV Sports announcers annoy anyone else?

    I miss Pat Summerall and John Madden along with Jimmy " The Greek "
  3. Harker1440

    PRS Forum Merch

    I vote for Tshirts but make them available in " Big Boy " sizes as well 4-6x PLEASE !!!!! Some of us guys are WELL ROUNDED Individuals
  4. Harker1440

    The Song Title Game

    Little Wing Jimi Hendrix
  5. Harker1440

    DIY gear?

    Ive built a couple pedalboards and a speaker cab
  6. Harker1440

    Well I heard a rumour that...

    I'm getting an endorsement deal from PRS
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    2013 PRS NAMM Offerings ( Which one or ones are you interested in?)

    Just recieved the 2013 PRS NAMM Newsletter!!! New Core Bass Line! PRS Artist Package Now Available on Electrics, Acoustics, and Amplifiers Custom 22 Is Back! "Paul’s Guitar" and "Paul’ Amplifier" New CAD 2–Channel Custom Amplifier Brent Mason Signature Model Neal Schon Signature...
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    I heard a rumor that Brent was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and theres video of it
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    The NFL and CTE

    Ok Alot of us are football fans ( American Football ) being a international forum I felt the need to clarify what type of football sorry. Anyway recently alot of discussions are being had over the condition known as search Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative...
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    The NFL and CTE

    mods please delte this thread its a duplicate
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    Your Pedal of Choice : Chorus Pedals

    Now here is where the fun begins! modulation pedals, pedals that you intentially use to color your tone. For me the journey has gone on for 15 years I was never really happy with any pedal I used until I got a Wampler Nirvana which right now is covering all my needs right now. So what are you...
  12. Harker1440

    Your Pedal of Choice : Delay Pedals

    ^^ This is what worries me about Strymons Ive have yet to try one but I am hesitant to as well :(
  13. Harker1440

    Do you remember before you played guitar?

    I was in High School when I first picked up a guitar and tried to play it and to this day I still suck at it and I am still trying to play guitar
  14. Harker1440

    The Ghost of Chr... Uh... NAMM Past!

    While we wait (impatiently) for fresh images from the 2013 winter NAMM show, let's see some of you favorites from years past. Or any other guitar show for that matter.
  15. Harker1440

    What Cables are you using?

    I havent had great experiences with George Ls they didnt like me, but Im thinking of trying Lava soilderless when I redo my board
  16. Harker1440

    Your Pedal of Choice : Delay Pedals

    Im interested in the Strymon pedals just have yet had a chance to test drive one
  17. Harker1440

    Your Pedal of Choice : Dirt Pedals

    Its a great Pedal heres one of my Live Band Demos
  18. Harker1440

    The Age Old Debate about Dirt ( Pedal or Amp )

    Nice Ive never looked at it like this before Thank You Sir!!
  19. Harker1440

    Your Pedal of Choice : Wah Pedals

    Everybody has one and they are all great Which one do you claim? Ive been running a Fulltone Clyde Delux for 3 years now with its changeable sweep patterns it covers all the ground I need from 70's Funk to a decent vocal recreation to tried and true Metallica type soloing.
  20. Harker1440

    Your Pedal of Choice : Delay Pedals

    Lets talk about delay pedals, what do you use and where in the signal chain do you place yours. Right now I'm using 2 delays in my serial effects loop. My go to delay is the Handwired Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay which is a great delay for soloing and lately Ive added a VFE Blueprint which...