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  1. jay

    Buying NOS

    My only advice is: being an online store, ask for recent photos. If this has been kept under the light for a long time, the color might have faded and the photos might have been taken years ago. Not necessarily a bad thing, but you don't want to have surprises when you open the box. Enjoy!
  2. jay


    Optimum choice. This will be an evergreen.
  3. jay

    Interesting Facts

    I think the most famous "John" in the world is Chuck Norris
  4. jay


    Very nice color and choice!
  5. jay

    Help With a 1991 PRS Custom 24

    Yeah, tuners were simply made in that way and the top two ones were fixed with just one screw. Headstock is similar but present tuners are fixed differently and they don't touch each other.
  6. jay

    Help With a 1991 PRS Custom 24

    I'm pretty sure it stays in tune well. Compared to the ones produced today, the tuners, the pickups, the finish and the p.u. switching systems are different. I can't tell what does this mean in terms of sound. About the tuners, why are you saying that they have been modified?
  7. jay

    Private Stock Friday

    Now I know what the guitar in your avatar is made of!
  8. jay

    The Song Title Game

    Barcelona - Freddie Mercury
  9. jay

    The Song Title Game

    What is hip? Tower of Power
  10. jay

    NGD - PS#6294 - 594 in Olive Smoked Burst

    Masterpiece! Enjoy it forever. One question: are those frets the "standard" ones? From that photo, they seem flatter but it might be just an effect of the light.
  11. jay

    I'm about to make a bad decision....

    As it seems that you're more attracted by the look of the SG, rather than the sound/feeling, I would suggest to think twice before buying something you want to look and not to play. BTW, I've only played one SG in my life, the weird Zoot Suit one, and it felt great. I'm not sure if that feeling...
  12. jay

    Show Us Your CEs!

  13. jay

    PRS Family Photos thread

    I guess I have got a family as well, now. I like that the three of them have not many aspects in common. Now they are still missing (at least) an Archtop, a 594 and an acoustic.
  14. jay

    NGD - S2 Standard 24 Satin Sunburst

    Very nice color!
  15. jay

    In Praise Of The McCarty - "Classic" and "Reissue"

    Don't panic. It's a treatable condition. And I see you went straight to the high dose super-concentrated drug. I'd ask to your health insurance to cover the cost ... Anyhow, let us know (and see/hear) when the Super Eagle arrives!
  16. jay

    Disappointing live gigs....

    I was a bit disappointed by Yusuf/Cat Stevens, in 2014. I have been waiting for him for 18 years, since when I discovered "Catch bull at four", at the age of 15, among my dad's CDs. I thought it would have remained a dream, going on his website many times per years, always with the same...
  17. jay

    The Song Title Game

    Mio cuggino - Elio e le storie tese (sorry, this was too tempting)
  18. jay

    It's August 2016, and stock seems low in many places...

    Yeah, I guess fire can be easily caused there by melting hot credit cards that are swiped with too much excitement ...
  19. jay

    It's August 2016, and stock seems low in many places...

    Why did they put an EXIT door? Who on Earth would ever wanna get out of that place?