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  1. Warmart

    What are some other guitar forums you visit?

    Here, sporadically these days. Fractal's forum is pretty good, EBMM - although it's pretty dead, TGP - less and less, too much "stuff" I don't care for. My favorite is TGF, already mentioned by some others - - 99.9% fun and humor with great people.
  2. Warmart

    PRS guitar prices go up again.

    But it could break at ANY time, and he'll know much sooner than most. :p
  3. Warmart

    Will locking tuners stabilize the tuning?

    Won't hurt to put on lockers, I personally love them. Also be sure and stretch the strings a couple of times then you can evaluate whether your nut or trem needs adjustment.
  4. Warmart

    Boss SDE-3000 / SDE-3000 EVH

    No no noooo, they like them so much their replies are delayed.
  5. Warmart

    Kemper update...

    And there's to be a new marketplace where you can try before blowing any money! Also excited for the USB audio and Android support. I have a nice tablet to put to use.
  6. Warmart

    What I used to do

    Hey, if you're into "Electroica", by your own free will - fine. I just find it truly degrading and offensive to women. Even the ones that appear to be having fun, and are getting paid bodaciously - are still being used and led into a future downward spiral of dreary despondency...
  7. Warmart

    Color fading in current models

    If you want it to stay "as is", case it when not playing. Or cover it in a stylish throw/blankie.
  8. Warmart

    Interesting Modeling Video - Quad Cortex.

    Well it goes against every "best practice" in the IT industry going on 20 years! Why would the dummies save an individual's WIFI SID and password, along with their email and name in PLAIN TEXT. And then transmit it unencrypted over the internet to their servers? Laughable, cryable and despicable...
  9. Warmart

    Interesting Modeling Video - Quad Cortex.

    I'm pretty certain Les zapped himself replacing a tube back in the 19th century! :p
  10. Warmart

    Private Stock Friday

    I'd like to see more of the orange 594(?) behind it, too!
  11. Warmart

    Interesting Modeling Video - Quad Cortex.

    There have been people that don't enjoy the workflow - both of auditioning captures online and then getting them on the device, but I think it simply comes down to forgetting your normal way and instead, learning their way, lol. They came out with the plugin software first, and so that sort of...
  12. Warmart

    Interesting Modeling Video - Quad Cortex.

    Absolutely, it's an amazing little box! I'm running mine into monitors and my Kabinet, via a Camplifier. Lots of peeps are using with an HX Stomp or HX Effects, as the Tonex only has a gate, compressor and reverb.
  13. Warmart

    Interesting Modeling Video - Quad Cortex.

    I've been using the Tonex pedal for a month. The software is glitchy, with some odd design decisions - but OMG some of the user captures are primo! Definitely feels better to play through than my Kemper, but it only does a fraction of what the Kemper does. They already have 10K+ captures...
  14. Warmart

    I wish there was a modern McCarty

    Find a Paul's with a trem, perhaps? Used the McCarty as the base, no neck binding, moderate output pu's, etc.
  15. Warmart

    I think I’m dead.

    One must always have a backup. One day you could wake up and for some unforeseen reason, it's suddenly unplayable. Happens!
  16. Warmart

    I think I’m dead.

    That's how many of them end up sticking! What are the odds of me seeing a banner ad on Reverb that ends up linking back like that?!
  17. Warmart

    I think I’m dead.

    Heh, pretty awesome mister! I have nothing even remotely as cool :)
  18. Warmart

    I think I’m dead.

    You sure don't seem to be having any problems selling stuff! :cool:
  19. Warmart

    594 Hardware/Electronics Configuration Aesthetic - Opinions

    I thought the same, at first - but I have found I prefer the selector up there. I have a bunch of guitars and it's always a struggle when I pick one up and each has the selector in a different place! Three of them are on the upper horn and I never stumble to switch on them. I also think the 594...
  20. Warmart

    First time PRS guitar purchase and looking for some help in which to consider!

    With what you have, I'd definitely 2nd (or is it 3rd or 4th at this point) some form of hollowbody. You have an EC-1000 and a 594, so get a doublecut HB Std or II. Whichever you prefer.