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  1. RevBillyG

    The Birds Behind The Famous PRS Bird Inlays (McCarty 594 love affair)

    Very nice. Awesome tone. I like that grind. But are you sure that was a hawk landing?
  2. RevBillyG

    NGD : I Prayed and I got it.

    That is beautifully beautiful.
  3. RevBillyG

    SE Santana Guitars vs SE Custom 24 (for versatility)?

    I don’t. Doesn’t mean you won’t. My point, I guess, even if the guitar with coil splits give you more tonal varieties you may very well find the Santana more useful.
  4. RevBillyG

    SE Santana Guitars vs SE Custom 24 (for versatility)?

    I think "versatility" is the wrong term here. A simple Telecaster has been & can be used in any genre of music. What you are asking about is tonal variety & yes, a dual humbucker with coil splits will have more tonal variety than a dual humbucker without. However, are those tones going to be...
  5. RevBillyG


    Really? The 58/15LTs are the only PRS pickups I like. what would you have swapped the LTs with?
  6. RevBillyG

    Dang Velas...

    How do you pronounce Vela? Vehleh Veelah Veelay Veyah Vehah ?
  7. RevBillyG

    NuGD incoming - UPDATED: It's here!

    Dragon?? Oh, my...
  8. RevBillyG

    Relic’ed Silver Sky?

    I'd like to see what he did (if anything) to the headstock. I normally like the relic thing, but... I don't know.
  9. RevBillyG

    Dang Velas...

    You’d have to change the scratch plate any way if you want that class D single coil.
  10. RevBillyG


    Maybe it’s a British thing but I just don’t see how Lee would get that nickname
  11. RevBillyG

    Dang Velas...

    I wonder if they'll ever do a Vela tremolo model
  12. RevBillyG

    Les Paul Jr DC lookalike new product request.

    The Mira looks more like an SG. The OP sounds more interested in the look of the LPjr... the PRS guitars Paul was making before he blew up looked like LPjrs
  13. RevBillyG

    McCarty 594 2020 Yellow Tiger incoming. What to expect?

    You can expect a bunch of psdoff dudes waiting for pictures.
  14. RevBillyG

    TCI or no TCI?

    I think they measured the inductance of the pickup they wanted to "clone" then reverse engineered it from their.
  15. RevBillyG

    NGD!!!!!! Are you Green with envy?

    Is that a McCarty Thinline? I've been meaning to check one out. I love the switch position. That's where I wish it was on the core 594, at least on the double cuts.
  16. RevBillyG


    So jealous.
  17. RevBillyG

    NGD - Custom 22

  18. RevBillyG

    NGD: Tremonti SE Custom (Used impulse buy)

    $300 I’d be mad if you didn’t buy it. Can’t pass up a deal like that