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  1. Fram

    My double bucker Vela

    Pretty sure it would, it’s has a minibucker size in the pickguard as standard and I think that would need to be enlarged to fit a P90 but the body route would be fine.
  2. Fram

    NGD - Zach Myers or James Bond?

    Another stunner.
  3. Fram

    PRS Vela.... Can I simply swop the Korean Starla Pickup for a Core USA Starla Bridge Pickup

    As Xjbebop has said, straight swap no issues :)
  4. Fram

    NGD: Almost a catastrophe!

    Wow, that is bloody beautiful :) United Parcel Smashers......:eek:
  5. Fram

    PRS S2 Vela Pickguard Dimensions

    Also if it would help, I could send you a Vela pickguard to copy.
  6. Fram

    PRS S2 Vela Pickguard Dimensions

    Hi Casey, 210mm x 297mm (A4 size) is the size pickguard material sheet you need to make for a Vela. It fits with a few mm over. I can heartily recommend Tiny Tone (Jacks instrument Services) for custom pick guards in the UK, my Vela “double bucker” guard is absolutely perfect. Hope this helps...
  7. Fram

    NBDGD Iceberg warning

    Holy crap that is a beautiful guitar, happy birthday mate :)
  8. Fram

    The Truth

    Like that, very nice :)
  9. Fram

    Sgt. Steiner & Vintage PRS Database

    Wow, both of those are awesome mate :)
  10. Fram

    Time For Something New

    Very classy, looks amazing
  11. Fram

    Time For Something New

    Absolute stunner mate, love the neck, awesome work :):cool:
  12. Fram

    Who's Crying Now - My LLB Top Ten #5

    Well I thoroughly enjoyed that, great job and the singer was amazing :)
  13. Fram

    Call Me Ishmael

    Another great piece, I really enjoy your stuff, thank you. Have you ever had someone “professional” (I know you are), but in a classical music area have a listen ?
  14. Fram

    The Doors L.A. Woman; 4/19/71

    Awesome album
  15. Fram

    Time For Something New

    Like the picture frame I am so excited to see nice shiny guitar goodness
  16. Fram

    Strap Recommendations for Eriza Verde

    That is just a beautiful guitar, I love everything about it, including the strap.
  17. Fram

    Zach Myers 2021 Coil Split

    Good stuff and super neat work too :)
  18. Fram

    Time For Something New

    Travelling and food, man after my own heart, not much going on at the moment though. The wife and myself off to Japan next year, really looking forward to it, Saki and Seafood :)
  19. Fram

    Time For Something New

    It’s strange, that wine gets stronger by the glass eh, I mean the first couple don’t seem to bad, but the next three seem to have far more alcohol in them..... We call Syrah wine “Shiraz” on this side of the pond, but I like Syrah burst, sounds far cooler :)
  20. Fram

    Lower volume on D string ?

    The reason it’s stiff may be down to the wax potting, but in any case should screw in and out, as has been said already unscrew for volume increase, I find it helps to gently strum a G or E with the amp on clean and listen for even volume of notes across all strings, I usually lower the the...