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    NGD (to me) - Ted Mccarty DC245 Soapbar

    Just picked this up in trade locally. Not too familiar with the model honestly, but was curious if others had opinions or experience with this model. Had a chance to play it a bit and from that perspective it is a great player and I dig the pickups. Having issues embedding pictures, hopefully...
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    McCarty Switch - Static

    Update...Deoxit did the trick. No more static or cutting out. Great stuff. Thanks for all the replies!
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    McCarty Switch - Static

    Hi all, This may be a bone simple question but figured I'd ask here before taking my guitar to a shop for repair. I have a 2016 McCarty that I picked up at Experience PRS that year. It has the 3-way switch obviously and the 58/15 pickups. When I switch from the middle position to the bridge...
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    In Praise Of The McCarty - "Classic" and "Reissue"

    My McCarty from the 2016 Experience. Best guitar I've ever owned.
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    NGD - McCarty from Experience

    I'm not sure. I assumed that it was the new stop tail. Maybe it was part of an Experience run only but I did not ask. I was happy to get the adjustable however!
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    NGD & NAD - Experience

    Very nice! The Custom 50s are outstanding amps with tons of versatility. You can cover a lot of ground with that pair!
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    NGD - McCarty from Experience

    Haha. Either my soul or my marriage!
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    NGD - McCarty from Experience

    Thanks for all the comments. From playing it today I'm most impressed with the neck. The smoothness is unreal, and you can really feel the strings resonating through the neck. Now to figure out what to sell to pay for this bad boy...
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    NGD - McCarty from Experience

    So, my first trip to the PRS Experience turned out to be an expensive one. When I saw this McCarty on the Moore Music table, I had to take it. I'd always wanted a McCarty since seeing the ads for them when the guitar launched in 1994. Now I finally have one, and in my opinion, it's a looker...