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    Archon 50 after 5 months

    On rare occasions I have seen the more affordable Sonzera but never the Archon
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    Archon 50 after 5 months

    If I am not mistaken it's not up to PRS....If the shops don't order it then there are none.Every shop I have been to(Sam Ash,Guitar Center) I have never really seen any higher end amp such made in England Marshall...Friedman and others.It's probably because the shops don't want their money tied...
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    MT 15

    On the back of the MT 15 it says to bias it between 25-30....I guess that really cold and safe
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    MT 15

    What were the mA of the power tubes?
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    Tube Layout Chart for MT15?

    Hey Shawn since you did the tube layout on the about it's little brother....the mighty MT15..I'm assuming it's the same as the Archon minus 2 output tubes?..Thanks
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    Something in a box showed up!

    You guys are getting me excited about this little brute of an amp.Hopefully I will be getting mine in a couple of weeks. I will be running it through a Marshall 4 x 12 1960 cabinet.I will be running it along with my Peavey 6505MH and Marshall DSL20H each with their own cabinet through a Radial...