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    P24 Piezo

    I have a P24. I play jazz, and I need clean tones most of the time. I use an Acoustic Image solid-stae amp and Razer's Edge cabinet with a tweeter. (Yes, I know, it's not normal rock gear, and it looks pretty wimpy compared to any other amp.) I use a Yamaha MagicStomp modeler to dial in some...
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    Free Strings For A Year! Summer 2012 Promo

    I suppose you have to take delivery of the guitar in July, right? I just ordered a P24...
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    Introducing: P24 LTD!

    Yeah, Brian Meador launched that email at me this morning. This is eggzackly what I've been waiting for. (And Meador knew it.) Ordered one in Blue Crab Blue. Didn't even have time to get all obsessed about it first.
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    First Album/CD purchase

    First lp: Abbey Road. I think January 1970. I was 9. Second: Led Zeppelin 1. Then 'Yessongs'. (Where are the prog fans on this forum?) CDs: I got a job in a CD store in Dallas when I was in college, 1987. Bought 8 CDs the first week, and didn't have a CD player.
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    My musical IQ

    I got my first guitar in 1970, aged 9, Sears Silvertone. I earned a degree in Composition from the University of North Texas in 1987. Jack Petersen was the guitar instructor then; I am very lucky. I went back and got my Masters in Jazz Studies in 2004. I can read and write. I now teach at...
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    Intonation screws too short on E and D.

    I bought a Studio last year. When it arrived, the screw for the E string had worked itself out of the tailpiece and was loose inside the case, where it managed to scratch through the wood in the back corner of the guitar in one place. PRS repaired it free of charge. So, yes.
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    Introduce yourself!

    It's only polite to introduce ones self And so I will. I'll leave the name and job stuff for the sig. I bought my first PRS used in 1988 or so, a Std24. I had heard of these, and got lucky enough to find one. Wish I still had it, but I sold it to buy a Super 400... I play Klein guitars a...
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    The Studio needs a different pickup!!

    I can see the point, but I'm ok with it. I love the sound of the NFs - they remind me of the Z-90. My ***** is that I bought a Studio last year, and now I really want a P22!