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    2017 Autumnal Concert Chronicles

    It was the Lexington Lab Band (@maplebaby!) a few weeks ago and on to Knoxville Tuesday night for Brit Floyd. One left on the docket, Black Jacket Symphony playing Zeppelin IV in January.
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    Work for PRS Guitars

    I get the impression that anyone able to afford a PRS product is probably "over qualified" for these openings :D
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    PRS Derek Trucks fans?

    Up late on a school night :)
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    Now THIS Is Dedication To Guitar!

    I believe it's a pretty standard technique to have the patient participate in some cerebral activity during surgery to provide realtime feedback. I wonder if he charged the surgeon admission? :D
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hey guys, Bill here from Lexington, Ky. I'm a 62 year old retired Engineer just beginning (6 mos. in) to play guitar and study music theory. I'm presently working through an on-line course and progressing better than I expected. I don't own a PRS guitar as yet but plan on evaluating my progress...