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    Photos, let's see 'em

    My daughter and I were walking at Radnor Lake in Nashville and came across a Bald Eagle over the path. We found a spot where we could see the front of the bird, the bird was backlit, but you take what you can get, and spent about 15 minutes watching, taking pictures, etc. I tend to take a lot...
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    Thanks! Both were shot with a Canon 7d mark ii. The bluebird was at 1/500 with a Canon 70-200, f2.8 lens. The Hummingbird was at 1/8,000 using a sigma 150-600 lens.
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    Thank you!
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    thank you!
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    I usually shoot sports and marching band/drum corps/winter guard. The pandemic has me out in nature a bit more:
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    Nashville Session Man with his PRS

    I’ve been watching these every day. Great stuff...down to earth...usually grab one or two cool things from each one. Plus...white mountain bread from Publix.
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    How much $$$ would you add for an autograph?

    I have four signed guitars. Two DGTs signed by Grissom (with a bonus PRS on one) and one DGT signed by Phil Keaggy. All on the back of the headstock. I have an HB1 signed on the back of the headstock by Kenny Greenberg and on the heel by Ashley Cleveland. All places they aren't likely to get...
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    How did you discover PRSi?

    Guitar Player magazine did a feature in early 1982. I was 14 and lived in Annapolis. Went and visited the shop on West Street. Played one or two owned by local people over the next little while. Was able to buy my first one in 1990.
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    Pedal Board w/ Bag Solutions?

    Another vote for the pedaltrain family. I wore out the bag for my pedaltrain pro after a few years and replaced it with a mono bag that is great. Board is light, sturdy, and easy to work with.
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    Happy birthday Shawn Nuthall!

    Happy birthday, Shawn!
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    DGT Birds or Moons

    I like moons on a DGT...
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    2018 3Q Concert Anticipation

    Needtobreathe in August. Switchfoot in Sept.
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    Anyone have a Singlecut 10-Top Semi-Hollow?

    I was is a Braz board. So, that means that the guitar has actually sounded even more amazing than I thought all these years! :)
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    Anyone have a Singlecut 10-Top Semi-Hollow?

    There were 90 of them made, 30 each for Martin Music, Chuck Levin's, and Magdon Music. They hit the streets in early '07 and the ones at Chuck's are a great deal. They don't have Brazilian boards, one that Eric got did, it was an extra in the run. I bought one when they came out and still...
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    My Tone Journey With The DG30 Amplifier

    Here’s a clip of a DG50 that Grissom used at a demo at Martin Music. I think Eric still has the amp. There are several parts to the video, this is just part 2.
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    It's 2018: which PRS gets most of your attention?

    Same one for the last 9 09 tobacco sunburst DGT. I've got a small stable, including a couple of other DGTs, but that one is tops.
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    wiring a music room

    When our house was being built I asked for outlets on every other, or every third stud...not so I could plug a bunch of stuff in, but so I never had to run an extension cord. Outlets are cheap, and I don't have to think about outlets when I lay things out.
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    PRS Single Cut SemiHollow? Info is appreciated!

    Violin amber sunburst. I actually had the 7s swapped with 57/08s during a promotion in 2009. I played it a lot for a couple of years. I prefer my DGTs, but the singlecut is always a treat to play.
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    PRS Single Cut SemiHollow? Info is appreciated!

    I have one purchased new in 2007. It was a special run made for Martin Music, Jack Gretz' shop, and Chuck Levin's. 30 for each store. As of not long ago, chuck's still had a couple unsold. Shipped with 7's (pickups) and mine has mixed hardware. They announced it not long after I said to...
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    HELP!!: Need Screw for my DGT

    I had that happen as well. I bought some replacements from PRS, perhaps these? My hardware was gold...and I think I found the screw in a gig bag, but lost the spring.