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    Pickup adjustment & honk

    Ah good info -- I only had them raised for a bit while was playing, then put them back. Makes total sense that pick position makes a difference. Wondering if what I'm hearing is also due to the lower output with the PUs being so low?
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    Pickup adjustment & honk

    Ok, so strange title for a thread - but I think you know what I mean :). On my s2 mira I can get this great sounding midrange / honk at various points on the neck when in middle position (both coil tapped and regular). Right now, the pickups are essentially buried - way far away from factory...
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    is it me or did disney ruin marvel movies?

    The MCU during COVID saved us. Family movie night every Friday and a Marvel movie. You can watch them in a certain order and they all fit together (inc the end credit teasers). All totaled - it's a 10 year story arc told in 23ish movies. I thought it was very well done (well.. save for Ed...
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    My first PRS is ...

    Awesome - thanks for the warm welcome everyone. It dawned on me -- PRS has this unique advantage in that they don't have to live up to previous lore. My S2 Mira is different than anything else i've played - it's definitely apart from both Fender and Gibson. I see all of these comparison...
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    My first PRS is ... S2 Mira (used). I picked it up a while back and have been so impressed - it's just an effortless playing experience... I don't feel like i'm fighting with it. Are they all like this? Serious question. Why does one choose say a custom 22/24 over a McCarty 594? I don't see a...