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    Show your pedal boards here!

    Downsized from this:To this:when I went to a Kemper rig.
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    Which is more frustrating: waiting for delivery or for guitar to acclimate?

    Core models are immune to quantum superposition.
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    Post your fixed bridge PRS

    '02 Cu24
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    I'd play in that band.
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    New (to me) Cu24 + new pups

    Ooh, that would be a bad idea, friend. :) And thanks!
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    New (to me) Cu24 + new pups

    I just sold the set I pulled out of here 2 days ago. Actually they sold in under 30 minutes of me posting them. Obviously some people love them!
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    New (to me) Cu24 + new pups

    Yeah, to be honest, I generally prefer a trem, but this is my only Humbucker guitar currently (besides Ftrons), and I find it's nice to have the versatility of this guitar on hand, as I do play a wide variety of genres. I like being able to flip through various tunings more easily. When I traded...
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    New (to me) Cu24 + new pups

    Hey all. I've been playing almost 20 years and though I've always been a fan, this is the first PRS I've actually owned. 2002 Custom 24 Stoptail. Traded my last amp (I'm a Kemper guy these days) for it recently. It needed a little TLC, but after I set it up properly, it's just fantastic. The...
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    Custom 24 Stoptail: Do I really have to go PS???

    I have a 2002 cu24 stoptail that I might be willing to trade, actually.
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    PRS fixed saddle bridge question (intonation)

    I just picked up a cu24 - albeit used - and had to adjust it quite a bit.