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  1. ppacheco1284

    NGD x2 - Studio and Soapbar(again)

    Swamp Ash indeed. Super light guitar, just over 7lbs.
  2. ppacheco1284

    NGD x2 - Studio and Soapbar(again)

    That would be a ball pit for my boys to wrestle in. Hours of fun
  3. ppacheco1284

    NGD x2 - Studio and Soapbar(again)

    So I know I just bought a Soapbar….. but then I found a Triple Soapbar…. And then I found a Studio. So 3 guitars in 1 month.
  4. ppacheco1284

    NGD McSoapy

    2020 I have it posted, scroll through the pictures. Nothing beats a rosewood neck! Amazing. I really wish PRS would release more P90 guitars. I'll be hunting for a triple P90 594 and a Singlecut with P90s.
  5. ppacheco1284

    NGD McSoapy

    NGD - Today was a good day.
  6. ppacheco1284


    Fender, Gibson and PRS are all skipping this years NAMM show.... but hopefully something leaks soon
  7. ppacheco1284

    PRS with P90's?

    i'd like to lobby PRS for a limited run of S2 594 Thinlines with P90s.....
  8. ppacheco1284

    Dang Velas...

    i'll be buying a Mahi blue Vela as soon as I see one
  9. ppacheco1284

    Got my s2 Standard 24 Satin today, and it's awesome!

    I love these satin S2 guitars. I purchased two of them this month alone!
  10. ppacheco1284

    SE/S2 DGT?

    They will sell a boatload of these.
  11. ppacheco1284

    SE Paul's Guitar new pickups

    The Lollars how 4 wires. This is what Lollar told me: Black is hot/slug side start White is slug outside Red is screw side outside Green is ground/screw inside
  12. ppacheco1284

    SE Paul's Guitar new pickups

    Has anyone put new pickups in their SE Paul's Guitar? I have a set of Lollar Imperials I wanted to put in, but the mini toggles won't work. I think PRS and Lollar use different color codes on their wires. Has anyone made this swap and do you have a wiring diagram?
  13. ppacheco1284

    SE/S2 DGT?

    I'll just leave this here.
  14. ppacheco1284

    I'll Tell You What We Need

    Satin and P90s….
  15. ppacheco1284

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    Sure you can, put a PRS headstock on it. I too would love a Tele
  16. ppacheco1284


    I've seen it in person..... 10/10
  17. ppacheco1284

    New model announced

    I’d buy at least 6 of them
  18. ppacheco1284

    Pickup Swap on 594 Soapbar

    I check daily for a price drop :)