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  1. FragileThunder

    PRS SE Models - Do They Have the Same “Essence” As Core Models?

    Quoting this for truth and hope that it's undeniable logic will put this thread down like a horse with 3 broken legs.
  2. FragileThunder

    Pulled the Trigger on Hollowbody ii Piezo

    Congrats!!! I love mine to the point it gets the most playing time. It already got 30 minutes of play time this morning! :D
  3. FragileThunder

    PRS SE Models - Do They Have the Same “Essence” As Core Models?

    To answer your first thing, yes, yes I have- I've played a lot of guitars in the last 40 years and have a great local PRS dealer. And again, you'll get no argument from me over which is the finer tool. And I ABSOLUTELY understand the concept of finding an instrument that really speaks to you...
  4. FragileThunder

    PRS SE Models - Do They Have the Same “Essence” As Core Models?

    I'm going to try to word this post really carefully, so I don't come off as more of an a-hole than I really am. But there's something about a thread like this that contains over a third of the OP's posts on this forum that feels a bit like a deliberate troll job. The posts seem to center more...
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    Who Else Plays Another Instrument?

    I was primarily a bass player until about 5-6 years ago, and still play it regularly...although more and more I find that this is a useless distinction. The less I separate the two mentally, the better player I am at both. Don't play a bass part or a guitar a complimentary part in...
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    Anyone know about this guitar pick?

    I don't think you grasped the full plectrum of his humor...he was really trying to get @DISTORT6 to ask you if those picks came with a hard case for that price :p ;)
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    Played some SE McCarty 594s today

    I was with you here until I discovered this MIDI enabled accordion. The description clearly states: "Supplied with power supply box, swell pedal, foot-switches, cables and accessory bag". Somewhere out there, there must be accordion accessories, or why include the bag?!?!?!?! And at the risk...
  8. FragileThunder

    NGD - SE Hollowbody II Piezo in Black Gold

    Congrats! I love my SEHBIIP!!!! And I've only bought 2 more PRS guitars since I got it, so I don't know what everybody is talking about with this "rabbit hole"... ;)
  9. FragileThunder

    Most is your most played PRS model ?

    The SE HBIIP gets the majority of the play, with the Cu24 in second. The SS is currently serving as the office guitar, so while it gets played everyday, it may only be for 15 minutes. My other (non-PRS) guitars sit in the corner and cry. ;)
  10. FragileThunder

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    I have one, and it is my main player right now. If I'm running split signals and trying to get a true "acoustic" piezo tone, I do run through a LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI Pre to mellow out the sound a bit. YMMV
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    New to PRS

    Welcome! And the obligatory...
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    ‘99 Hollowbody II fogging finish - treatable?

    If you are using imgbb, there is a symbol in the lower rigth of each uploaded image that looks like this: </> Click on that and in the pop up thre is a drop down menu, select "BBCode Full" and then copy the entire link it provides. Paste that directly into the posting window here (don't use...
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    ‘99 Hollowbody II fogging finish - treatable?

    Well, there you go, that was your third post, you should be able to add pics now. But yes, you'll have to dust off the Photobucket, or create an Imgur which a lot of people here use. let's you put them up with out an account. I use to host mine. Gratuitous artsy pic:
  14. FragileThunder

    Alike Yet So Different...

    When I bought my Martin, I had narrowed it down to 2 guitars. I took my best friend/longest running musical collaborator with me and had HIM play them. While it wasn't me playing, it was someone playing whose style I knew well. Like you, it took no time to finalize my choice at that point...
  15. FragileThunder

    ‘99 Hollowbody II fogging finish - treatable?

    I can't offer any constructive advice here, but you came to the right place to ask. In the meantime, welcome to the forum! And you know this already but...
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    Black Bernie Arrives Today...

    @Lewguitar remember when you bought your "last Bernie"? I do. Just was before this one :p Looks great. When are you getting the next one?
  17. FragileThunder

    Buckle rash protection

    It seems to me that a properly re-designed codpiece could be the solution to so many guitarists problems. And not just the one related to buckle rash. I'm not compensating for something...YOU are! :p