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    Prs SE Torero vs. Prs SE c24 floyd

    yes most definitely neck through, as I've played a white one at Sam ash last month and it the heel felt so sleek. I'd love to A/B both, but I don't ever see an SE equipped with a Floyd round these parts. But I do know how the SE c22/24 feels and I love the feel. Also now that I remember the...
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    Prs SE Torero vs. Prs SE c24 floyd

    hey thanks for the response. I can't afford core! lol. I really don't want to drop more than $600, but I suppose $800 would be my cutoff point
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    Prs SE Torero vs. Prs SE c24 floyd

    I'm GASsing for my first Floyd equipped guitar and I most definitely want a PRS since I already own two SE models and love them. So when I look at most of the descriptions on ebay for the PRS SE, it says it has a PRS designed tremolo?? But then someone said it has a Floyd rose 1000 series. So...
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    SE 7 String vs SE Baritone Soapbar vs SE Baritone Solidbody?

    trust me the baritone will sound much more clear and articulate due to the longer scale length.
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    New Prototype leak: 2016 Tremonti

    So that's not the actual prototype then I believe. Someone posted a picture of the actual prototype that mark is playing with on stage. It looks like an explorer made love with a C22 with reverse horns. Since I'm on my cell phone I can't copy and paste that picture I saw. At first it looked dumb...
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    SE245, new gold metallic finish

    Don't know how I feel Bout the color of those knobs though...
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    p90 replacement for soapbar2 guitar?? noisless prefered...

    The noise is just the nature of the beast. You may find a couple noiseless p90 pickups but you may not like how they sound. Just Pick ones that sound the best to you and get an ISP decimator. I just ordered a Bareknuckle warpig p90 bridge it should be here any day now!
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    PRS Custom 24 SE Tuning Issues

    Welcome and congrats on purchase. Hopefully someone who knows more than me will chime it to help your problem
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    Advice :) WHICH PRS ? -- PRS SECU24 , PRS SE 25th ANNIVERSARY CU24 or...

    Go for the cheaper one if its the same build. Max tuna that color red is sharp!
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    I just bought a bareknuckle pig 90 p90 bridge pickup on eBay! Very excited to get this thing in and hear it roar! I will keep you guys updated and attempt to post sound samples if I can find a way that will do justice to the tone
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    Adjustable stoptail - tone pros

    I'm not sure actually. I just bought a used PRS se soap bar ii with a tone pros bridge installed on it. I'm not sure if he modified anything but so far it seems fine
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    Left handed player has a short question.

    What do you mean exactly by "flip"?
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    My first nut job!

    an economy worse than the US?!........... imagine that
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    The one I'm talking about is the tone pros bridge in the top picture. (Although I have a SE c22 with the stop bar tailpiece pictured in the bottom as well) I'm just an SE kinda guy. I can't afford the big boys plus i play aggressively sometimes so its better off this way also, if it is the nut...
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    How exactly should this be done? Since the screws are right underneath the string. Do I just snake the tool in there under the strings at full tention or do I detune the strings to make them slack so I can get in there more easier? And what about the two screws on the other side of the bridge...
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    Awesome help everyone thanks. One other question on the side, why is it when I tune up and play a certain chord I feel I have yo fine tune yet again. Let's say I tune so an E chord sounds perfect. Yet a G will not and i d have to fine tune again to make the G sound perfect?
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    OK so to narrow it down I picked up the guitar again and it was IN tune so it only goes out of tune when I bend strings. I emailed the guy who sold it to me and asked him what it came with when he bought it and what size are on it now and all he replied was "10s". He didn't say to which...
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    Yes yes and yes. When I pick it up its out of tune. Bend a note then that string goes out if tune. Tune it with a tuner then play some chords and there's always a note or two that doesn't sound right and needs fine tuning. If this helps anyway, I'm assuming the guitar is set up for standard E...
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    Actually I'm not sure about the strings I have not stretched them when I got it
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    My PC is crapped out right now so if I find out how to post pics using my phone I will So I finally got what I wanted, and then some. I was GASsing hardcore for a white soap bar ii and I finally got it. And boy is it a piece of art. It plays like a dream. The previous owner swapped out the...