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  1. bigcraigie_1

    2018 SE Custom 24 - Upgrade questions (bridge, nut, and tuners)

    The Mann Made trem was the one upgrade I did to mine which absolutely blew my mind. I had no idea that a bridge could make such a difference to the guitar. Totally brought my Custom 24 to life and it absolutely sings now. Tusq nut is also a worthy upgrade and a good set of locking tuners. I...
  2. bigcraigie_1

    Outer Coils and Inner Coils... courious

    So I'm thinking about dropping a 5 way super switch into my SE Custom which currently has 2 Seymour Duncan's in it. One wiring option I looked at had the two outer coils split for position 2 and the two inner coils split in position 4 of the switch. I'm curious to know if there is much of a...
  3. bigcraigie_1

    Wiring help needed.

    My SE Custom recenty developed a fault with the 3-way blade switch, so having bought a replacement, I also bought new CTS pots to replace the stock ones. I have a set of Seymour Duncans (Custom + Jazz) and followed the wiring diagram from their website. All is good with the humbuckers however...
  4. bigcraigie_1

    New SE's are upon us!!!

    I wouldn't be too concerned about the limited colour options on the website. Over the years I've seen loads of different finishes that have never been listed on the PRS page. Curious about the 245 model though. Althought the Bernie has been dropped, is there any changes to the 245? Going by...
  5. bigcraigie_1

    New SE's are upon us!!!

    Headstock is welcome change for me. Everything about the SE range is classy apart from the logo which for me was an aesthetic let down. Just wish they would re-instate the Bernie.
  6. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    The Mann Made trem was the best upgrade I made to my SE, well worth the money. Also worth pointing out that even with all the upgrades I did, it still worked out cheaper than an S2 which shares many of its parts with the SE line.
  7. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    I have the 406c and for me they did take a little getting used to with a few string breaks along the way (only on the high E). I find it was best to still have a couple of winds round the post even though you shouldn't really have to. Even with both the upgraded tuners ans tusq nut, I still had...
  8. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    I have looked at that option and seems to be the most expensive option, but does the price justify. It does seems to be the obvious choice though. Anyone got anything to say on the 5 way super switch?
  9. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    Looking for thoughts on pots and selector switch as this will be the final piece of the puzzle for me. I've already upgraded my SE CU24 30th with Grover locking tuners, Tusq nut, Seymour Duncans and a Mann Made bridge. The guitar plays great, sounds amazing and doesn't go out of tune. Only...
  10. bigcraigie_1

    Fully modded SE CU24 30th (complete)

    That is one great looking guitar.
  11. bigcraigie_1

    30th Anniversary SE upgrades...

    Many congrats Mitchel. Awesome upgrades and pics would be good :) I had similar tuning issues with my 30th anniversary SE but not quite as bad as you experienced by the sound of it. First put a set of Grover locking tuners, then followed but a Tusq nut but still had issues. It was better not...
  12. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    Thanks guys. I'm super pleased to the point its my number one guitar right now. I'm now contemplating the idea of offloading my Ibanez Prestige to fund an SE245 (I never thought I'd hear myself say that!!). The guitar is now that good it's right up there with the higher end Japanese and USA made...
  13. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    My completed SE Custom 24 30th Anniversary in Vintage Sunburst. Spent a lot of time setting this one up and I'm well pleased with the results so much so that I can't put the thing down much to the wifes annoyance. I was hoping to have it completed a little sooner, however Her Majesty's Customs...
  14. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    Hearing a lot of about the Mann Made bridges on this thread. How do they compare to the USA PRS ones? I have a 30th SE Custom 24 which i'm looking to upgrade the trem and pups. Already done the tuners and nut, so now want to make it the best it can be as it's slowly becoming my number one axe...
  15. bigcraigie_1

    U.K. Version of PTC?

    Take it to Jimmy Egypt in Glasgow if you can. He's based in CC Music just off Great Western Road in the west end. GuitarGuitar could also do it for you. They have shops in both Glasgow & Edinburgh and are PRS dealers. However Jimmy Egypt is the main man in Scotland for repairs and setups.
  16. bigcraigie_1


    The more options you have to listen to a mix through the better. I've even seen myself tweaking mixes in my car. Sounds a bit odd, but thats where I listen to music more than anywhere, so my ears are well used to listening to music in that environment. Also worth seeing how your mixes sound in mono.
  17. bigcraigie_1

    prs se custom 24 locking tuners

    Quick question, are the buttons on the original PRS tuners compatible with the Grover 406c ones? I think the Grovers are gong to be a great upgrade, however I prefer the look of the bigger buttons.
  18. bigcraigie_1

    SE Mods

    So I've now installed the new Grover 406c tuners and also the Tusq nut and the tuning stability is greatly improved. I took a lot of time and care over the nut to get the height just right and all is good. I must say though, I did have a couple of string breaks at first on the high E and that...
  19. bigcraigie_1

    prs se custom 24 locking tuners

    I've just dropped a set of Grover 406c in my SE CU24 30th and by stange coincidence I snapped 2 high E strings just putting them on. On the 3rd attempt I gave it a bit more length in order to get a couple of windings round the peg and so far so good. Its the first time I've had a string break...