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  1. jcolmn

    Things got a little out of hand at the guitar show... (vintage PRS content)

    I saw it at the Orlando guitar show last weekend.
  2. jcolmn

    Just bought a used S2 thnline mccarty !!

    One interesting thing is at GC I keep seeing used S2 594 being priced like core. Some folks must be getting great trade in deals on their S2s by them mistaking them for core.
  3. jcolmn

    High-end CE?

    My 2 CE. I should have never sold that one on the left. 22 fret wide fat neck. 20200125_085535 by jcolmn, on Flickr
  4. jcolmn

    Sweet switch and brazzy board content

    Vintage yellow my fav color. Excellent!
  5. jcolmn

    22 fretter with pattern thin neck?

    Usually....but not always if you see at Custom 22 with a trem it is wide thin.
  6. jcolmn

    Need tuner help!

    Phase 2 with 2 screws? Not sure what that means. But. Just a thought. Go to (Schallers direct buy website) I do this to replace Phase 1 tuners to be more like Phase II. Go to Machine Heads M6 Serie Pick the degrees (90, 180 etc...that match your existing tuner hole) EDIT...
  7. jcolmn

    How many of your PRS’ have you modified?

    Regarding those railhammers, I thought the rail went on the treble strings for bends? I could be wrong.
  8. jcolmn

    Joe Walsh Signature???

    That guitar looks great!
  9. jcolmn

    Thoughts on converting older PRS to McCarty (3 way toggle) switching

    Hello. I love the old PRS (pre 1992) but the rotary is not my favorite innovation. Considering the collectability of some of the older ones, what are your thoughts on converting to the McCarty with Push Pull wiring (saving all original components and knowing that it is reversible, but those...
  10. jcolmn

    New model announced

    David Grissom T style
  11. jcolmn

    New model announced

    If they do make a tele, I would like to see a 6 in line headstock.
  12. jcolmn

    New model announced

  13. jcolmn

    Factory Refinish

    I looked into it and may do so again for a different guitar. It was a lot and they quoted quite a long time. Of course it would be perfectly done. I sent mine somewhere else for the work due to a lower price and faster promised time. About a year later I was lucky to get it back. I had to...
  14. jcolmn

    Vintage PRS: 1985-1991 The Golden Years

    89 zebra 2021-03-27_08-10-44 by jcolmn, on Flickr
  15. jcolmn

    Ted Nugent auctioning rare PRS guitars including a 1976 build

    It will be interesting if they do. I believe it says "Gibson" on the headstock. With Play Authentic and all that I am not sure how they could sell it.
  16. jcolmn

    Ted Nugent auctioning rare PRS guitars including a 1976 build

    WOW. The Camo CE went for more than the prototypes. I never would have thought that.
  17. jcolmn

    Ted Nugent auctioning rare PRS guitars including a 1976 build

    LOL Here it is. The only affordable one that is within reach.
  18. jcolmn

    Ted Nugent auctioning rare PRS guitars including a 1976 build
  19. jcolmn

    Putting humbucker covers on Custom 24 to reduce ice-pick

    Are those square bobbin? If so there are no covers available that I know of. Dial in the amp is my recommendation.