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  1. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - SE Hollowbody II Piezo in Black Gold

    Congratulations! That was my first PRS as well, way back in 2020 ;) Since then it's been joined by 6 others, but I still really love that first one!
  2. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - Singlecut McCarty 594 Charcoal Tri-burst

    That's a hell of a score for your first! I'm assuming that's a Wood Library?
  3. show_a_little_faith

    594 SE Volume/Tone issue

    First thing to try should always be Contact Cleaner or DeOxit. It's odd for something so new to need it, but many issues with Pots & Switches can be solved with this, rather than the more drastic (and expensive) step of replacing parts However, if this doesn't fix it, assuming you bought this...
  4. show_a_little_faith

    McCarty 594 SE Bridge Holes Not Drilled Correctly

    Frustrating as it's been, if you're happy with everything else about the current one you have, I'd say have them send the replacement tuner and keep that guitar
  5. show_a_little_faith

    ‘99 Hollowbody II fogging finish - treatable?

    No firsthand experience with it myself, but I can tell you that my understanding is this is most likely moisture underneath the finish, and the only way to fix is a complete refinishing, unfortunately. I can also say that the folks who've had that service done by the PTC have had nothing but...
  6. show_a_little_faith

    Anybody ever tried this?

    As Greywolf said, pickups are microphones. Yes, they primarily work by the metal string vibrating through the magnetic field, generating a small electrical charge. But they also "hear" too - that's why the same pickup sounds different in a Hollowbody than in an otherwise identical Solidbody. The...
  7. show_a_little_faith

    Fiore Strings Question

    I don't have a Fiore myself, but in my experience such a small change is unlikely to significantly affect your setup. You'll have more of a change brought on by just seasonal temperature/humidity variance requiring tweaks to truss rod etc. I'd encourage anyone to learn how to do basic setup...
  8. show_a_little_faith

    58/15 S vs. 58/15 LT is there much of a difference?

    I'm the first to admit I don't have the most discerning ear - I know what I like and what I don't, but others often hear subtleties that I just don't pick up on. That said, I don't hear a significant difference between these - the USA (LT's) are slightly quieter, which makes sense because...
  9. show_a_little_faith

    Is my PRS SE Silver Sky Neck/Headstock Twisted ???

    From the pictures, it looks alright to me. A bit of an illusion because of the radius of the nut being higher on the Low E side Also, I heartily approve of the Mountain Dew - nectar of the Gods!
  10. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - Core 24-08

    That is a bad-ass looking guitar!
  11. show_a_little_faith

    Let's talk veneer

    I gotta say I'm on the opposite side of most when it comes to veneers. There's definitely a range, with some looking much nicer than others but if you're able to see it in person or high-quality photos, you can find some spectacular looking veneer guitars. And they still have the full thickness...
  12. show_a_little_faith

    Does PTC keep records of modifications they do to specific guitars?

    Ok, then I'm officially stumped. Going back to your original post, I can't imagine removing a maple cap. The effort involved, if it's even possible to do so without really damaging the underlying mahogany seems just crazy. Add in that it's a bolt-on, why do all that rather than just put the neck...
  13. show_a_little_faith

    Does PTC keep records of modifications they do to specific guitars?

    I'm thinking the same. If you pull the pickups, you should be able to see the mod-cat sticker with serial #. I'm betting it doesn't match what's on the headstock. But remember what you said - it plays like a dream. That's what's most important!
  14. show_a_little_faith

    My first PRS is ...

    Congratulations, and welcome! You're gonna love it Everyone has their own perspective, but my two cents to answer your question: The CU22 & 24 have tremelos and are 25" scale length, the 594's are fixed two piece bridge and are 24.594" (hence the name 594), and also offer the singlecut. For...
  15. show_a_little_faith

    Private Stock Friday

    Is that an all-maple body?! I'm not sure I've ever seen that before
  16. show_a_little_faith

    What are the lead times for production of PRS Core Custom 24-08 ?

    If you order Private Stock, yes much more expensive. However, I believe it's still possible to have your dealer order a stock Core model but in the specific color you want (assuming it's a currently offered color for that model). I haven't done it myself, but I was told awhile ago by a dealer...
  17. show_a_little_faith

    NGD - McCarty 594

    Absolute classic - bang on!
  18. show_a_little_faith

    Struggling With SE Hollowbody 2 w/Piezo - HELP

    I have one of these myself, and actually like the pickups so much that I bought another set and installed them in my SE 35th anniversary 24-08. I'd say in the Solidbody, the 58/15 "S" pickups are warm and smoother, not as bright and cutting as the stock TCI "S" that I replaced. In the...
  19. show_a_little_faith

    NGD SE 594

    Congrats, looks awesome!
  20. show_a_little_faith

    PRS SE Hollowbody 2 with Piezo - Attenuation Control for Piezo?

    Yes, they definitely can be turned; I've found they're sometimes frozen in place a bit due to wax potting but once you get them started you should have no problem