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  1. Dunk19

    Static crackle when back of guitar rubs against me

    I have 2 McCarty 594's and they both have that problem in the winter time. It appears to be due to low humidity condition and static electricity. I run a humidifier in the winter to help offset the problem.
  2. Dunk19

    New Pickups need break-in period?????

    Relatively inexperienced player, less than 4 years. I just recently changed pickups in both of my S2 McCarty 594's. Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in my Thinline and a set of 58/15 LT's in my DC. I noticed on both guitars that it took about 10-15 hours of playing time before my ears noticed the...
  3. Dunk19


    Swapped the stock pickups (58/15 "s") in my S2 McCarty 594 Thinline for Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. Swapped the stock pickups in my S2 McCarty 594 DC (58/15 "s")for a set of the 58/15LT pickups that were just released. Both swaps were a noticeable improvement over stock, but the Pearly...
  4. Dunk19

    Favorite player that uses PRS ?

    Another vote for Tommy Johnston of the Doobie Brothers. Saw them in concert in February 2019 before all the Covid restrictions. He had several PRS guitars that he used throughout the night. That is when I decided I would have to have a PRS someday. Now have 2!
  5. Dunk19

    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    Hello, new member here from Indiana. Would consider myself a beginner still, less than 2 years playing. Bought a new S2 McCarty SC594 back in September. Loving the tones from this guitar and considering adding another PRS.