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  1. rnodern

    New to PRS. Mark Holcomb Sig help.

    Hey mate, I couldn't tell if you have the 6 string or the 7 string variant. I have the 7 string and changed out the tuners. You will need to take the tuner buttons (wings/pegs, whatever they're called) off each of the stock tuners and put them on the locking tuners. The 7 string tuner buttons...
  2. rnodern

    That escalated quickly! NGD

    I've got to say, i really like the old Swamp Ash Specials. They're very versatile!
  3. rnodern

    New Guitar Day - Artist w/Maple Neck

    I have another USA tremonti that I also really like. When on a clean channel and on the neck pickup, the low end can really be rich and at times, overpowering at volume (on my Dual Rectifier with the recto cab). This guitar will be tuned to C or C#. Maple provides a tighter low end, with clear &...
  4. rnodern

    New Guitar Day - Artist w/Maple Neck

    Been a while since I've posted. Ordered this back in 2017 and picked it up this week. It's a Tremonti Artist in Fire Red Burst. Hybrid hardware, adjustable stoptail. Maple neck and fretboard. I am in love!
  5. rnodern

    From Studio to Launch Tour

    I'm an Aussie; spend a lot of time in Asia for work. I play in a Pinoy rock band while I am there. Recently, we recorded an album. The album was self-produced. It's available on Spotify and all other major streaming services. We're really happy and proud with the final product. Links at the...
  6. rnodern

    Have you ever bought the same guitar to get a better top?

    Not a better top, but a different top :) On the left, 2004 10 top Custom 24. I got that one first. On the right, a 2004 "Brazilian" limited edition Custom 24.
  7. rnodern

    Why is this SE 245 so expensive?

    In AUD brand new SE's would be between $700 - $1200. the listed guitar is $2,200 AUD
  8. rnodern

    Why is this SE 245 so expensive?

    Look, I was wondering if there was anything special about it. Sure, people have the right to be douchey - if there's nothing special about it, i feel sorry for the sucker.
  9. rnodern

    Why is this SE 245 so expensive?

    Linking to this ebay sale...
  10. rnodern

    Why is this happening??

    I've had the same problem on the same string on the guitar in my avatar. Lost the screw and spring. Had to buy a new set of screws. I guess at least i have spares now..
  11. rnodern

    Veneer tops on SE guitars

    echoing the others here: it may be paper thin, but it's definitely maple. It's vacuumed onto a less figured maple cap.
  12. rnodern

    USA PRS Order Delivery Timeframes.

    I have a new Tremonti; Artist on the way. Figured maple neck, and fretboard. Hybrid hardware, adjustable stoptail bridge, fire red burst colour, artist 10 top. I ordered and paid for it just over 12 months ago, now. When I paid, the store supplier (i assume PRS) suggested a 10 month build...
  13. rnodern

    PRS SE Bass - 5 string?

    Hi there, I'm looking to try a PRS Bass, a Kestrel or a Kingfisher. However i want a 5 string. Searching around, it looks like they don't make a 5 string unless you get into private stock territory. Do they exist? I feel like that's a pretty big market segment they're missing out on if so...
  14. rnodern

    Show us your blue guitars!

    1) 2004 Custom 24 "Brazilian" - Blue Matteo 2) 2004 Custom 24 10 top - Blue Matteo 3) 2006 Tremonti - Whale Blue
  15. rnodern

    When you like an SE more than a core model

    the SE tremonti is pretty killer. I don't know if i like it more than my cores, but easily just as much
  16. rnodern

    Fretboard Woods

    I tend to agree. I have multiple Custom 24's and they all have their own tonal characteristics. However, I think there is more to it than just the woods. Taking the factory tour, I noticed that there is still very much, a huge amount of manual work that goes into the Core guitars. From...
  17. rnodern

    Setup Help - Possible neck or nut issues

    Thanks sergio & iceman. It's totally the nut. I just added a small piece of unwound string in the D groove. No more buzz. Tried to order a PRS nut from the PRS online store, but they only ship to USA. Wonder why they don't post internationally.. & ebay is between 2 and 5x more expensive. I...
  18. rnodern

    USA Dave Navarro

    Yeah it's a Mahogany neck. - I believe all if not most of the SE models have maple necks.
  19. rnodern

    USA Dave Navarro

    update: guitar arrived. LOVE IT!
  20. rnodern

    Setup Help - Possible neck or nut issues

    So a little while ago, I picked up a Core Tremonti really cheap. I knew that it wasn't well looked after like i look after my own, but I thought with a bit of TLC I could at least get it to play and sound great. The action was SUPER high. All the string saddles were on their highest settings...