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  1. colinkanders

    Sound difference between stoptail, and trem bridge?

    I used to think that too, but it happens on every trem guitar I play. I also have an issue with them in which the initial attack of notes is sharp and returns to pitch if held (or if I'm playing something high tempo, everything is just sharp). I'm pretty sure it's something about how I pick, and...
  2. colinkanders

    Sound difference between stoptail, and trem bridge?

    In my experience, guitars with identical specs except for one component don't sound noticeably different unless you're doing a side by side comparison (different pickups being an exception). Where you will likely notice a difference between stoptail and trem is the tuning stability. I have only...
  3. colinkanders

    DGT Neck Profile Comparison?

    This article has a chart comparing the measurements of the various neck profiles.
  4. colinkanders

    SE Mira vs S2 Mira

    I've never played an SE or Core Mira, but my S2 Mira is my go-to guitar. If my house caught fire, I'd grab my dog with one hand and the S2 Mira with the other. It's far from being my most valuable or rare guitar, but it's the one I couldn't live without.
  5. colinkanders

    What is your preferred string gauge and do you feel gauge impacts tone?

    IMO String gauge has more impact on feel than tone, so I go for the strings that feel right to me. I tend to play a bit aggressively, so that's typically 11's on electric and 13's on acoustic.
  6. colinkanders

    Any Canadian folks here?

    I'll second that! They're my go-to for PRSi and anything else that I can't get at my local shop.
  7. colinkanders

    Any Canadian folks here?

    The 'made in US, Canada, or Mexico' exemption only applies when you are personally transporting the goods across the border. Mail/courier imports are subject to duty fees.
  8. colinkanders

    Learn to Love or Kick to the Curb?

    Back in 2017 I got an S2 Mira that instantly became my go-to guitar for everything. It can play anything decently well or better and it just feels right in my hands. Then in 2020 I grabbed a Wood Library Special Semi Hollow that can also play anything decently well or better...and in every case...
  9. colinkanders

    Acoustic Guitar Tops

    I've been considering starting the Private Stock process for an acoustic guitar and have been looking around for wood choice ideas. I've noticed that there isn't too much variation in the woods used for the top/soundboard. Is it just because of the impact on tone? And if so, has anyone played an...
  10. colinkanders

    What "beater" do you pick up?

    My S2 Mira is my go-to guitar. Not only is she the one I've most bonded with, but she can get a solidly good tone for any style of music (and amazing tone for blues-rock, which is what I play most often).
  11. colinkanders

    Schroeder Guitar, Non-Prs but cool quilt

    The quilt is cool, but I'm far more interested in how that Fralin P-92 sounds in the middle position!
  12. colinkanders

    Is a Wood Library top a 10 top?

    Don't worry about it! I've seen plenty of regular tops that look to me like they should be private stock and vice versa (and everything in between). You may pay more for the label but it's up to you whether one top is better than the next - beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  13. colinkanders

    Vela finishes - Satin or gloss? Tone or feel/resonance difference?

    The Reclaimed Limited Vela was my first satin guitar and I will no longer buy a guitar unless the neck, at the very least, is satin. It makes a huge difference to the feel and playability.
  14. colinkanders

    Reclaimed Wood Vela Dreams

    While I have several guitars that sound "better", my Reclaimed Limited Semi-Hollow Vela (named Claudine) has a vibe that no other guitar comes close to.
  15. colinkanders

    NGD - Wood Library Special Semi Hollow

    Technically yesterday was New Guitar Day, but I was too busy playing to take pics until today...I had been saving up for a Private Stock guitar but I stumbled across this WL SSH that was 95% of what I would have ordered, so I snatched up this beauty! Quilted Maple 10-Top African Blackwood...
  16. colinkanders

    PRS S2 Vela Bridge experience

    I love the Vela bridge! From what I can tell on mine, it looks like the screws aren't long enough to protrude.
  17. colinkanders

    What finish is the parlour se?

    The product page says it's satin.
  18. colinkanders

    Prs Se custom 24 Whale Blue stability

    Sounds like the tuning issues are a recent development. The weather where I am has been going back and forth between a cool & damp spring and a hot & dry summer - this is causing the tuning stability of all my guitars to be out of whack. If that's the case where you are, it might be worth...
  19. colinkanders

    Heavier Gauge String differences

    I have different gauges on different guitars and it takes a few minutes of playing to get my hands/fingers to adjust when switching between them. If you're completely new to the heavier gauge, your hands/fingers will need to learn how to work with it but that should only take a couple days.
  20. colinkanders

    How to Tame Highs in S2 Mira Semi ?

    When I first picked up my (solid body) S2 Mira, the high strings were too loud so I lowered the pickups on that side and now it's perfect. Is that what you're referring to?