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  1. Phil M

    What would you consider a "fair price" for this PRS?

    I wouldn't pay any amount for that guitar based only on those pics. Maybe if I could play it and determine the neck's not warped, etc. Who knows what's going on with that guitar. 10-top isn't a selling point when the rest of it looks suspect (IMO of course).
  2. Phil M

    NGD .. 2011 PRS Stripped 58……

    Whoa, gorgeous! Get a big pic up. What color is that top?!
  3. Phil M

    If you were going to get a Custom PRS guitar, what would it be?

    I don't think it would be very "custom" because I've seen them on retailer websites in the past ... but I want a Custom 24 Floyd Rose in the antique white finish and scraped binding. I could be talked into the same guitar in black as well. They'd have to have the Metal pickups, or maybe some...
  4. Phil M

    Show Your Tone Monsters

    2008 SC-250 - got it on a whim a few years ago right after I got my new McCarty. The 250 might be the better sounding guitar IMO.
  5. Phil M

    What is your next PRS and why?

    I don’t need any more guitars and haven’t bought one in well over 2 years. BUT ... if I got another PRS, I think I’d opt for something very different from what I have. It would prob be a black Custom 24 Floyd Rose. :eek:
  6. Phil M

    A little McCarty direct recording for ya ...

    Oops, thanks for letting me know! The media portion didn’t copy over. I’ll fix it.
  7. Phil M

    A little McCarty direct recording for ya ...

    Posted this over at the Fractal Audio Forum, but this is one of the few PRS-only recordings I’ve ever done so I thought there might be some interest here. ——————— Very short simple snippet. It's so gratifying to sit down at the computer with the FM3 without an idea in your head and then 15...
  8. Phil M

    Are you a gigging musician? What Guitar do you trust?

    Well, I was. I join bands off and on when my schedule and interest intersect. I had just joined one January 2020 and did a gig 3 weeks later. We did another at the end of Feb and had a decent schedule for the rest of the year, but then everything got shut down. I quit around May/June when a...
  9. Phil M

    The "Official" PRS Custom 24 love thread!!

    This is my 2015 Custom 24 in Orange Tiger. I’ve had it over 4 years - it’s the first PRS that has stuck and it has led to two others (McCarty and SC250).
  10. Phil M

    The SC250!

    Yeah, they do things like that in the custom shop from time to time. I’ve seen R7 and R8 from the Music Zoo in all kinds of colors.
  11. Phil M

    The SC250!

    Oh yeah, that’s my guitar of mass destruction. It’s actually a R8 (‘58 reissue) with BKP Nailbombs. These are my only 2 guitars with hot pickups and they get along great. They’re both 2008 so I pretend it was meant to be lol
  12. Phil M

    What is the Most Durable Fadeproof Color?

    Yeah, it’s kind of a cinnamon color now. It was sold to me as Red Tiger but that was nonsense and PRS confirmed it was made in Black Cherry back in 2008. When my local guy set it up, he took a pic with the bridge off and it was obvious. Doesn’t matter because as much as I love black cherry...
  13. Phil M

    What is the Most Durable Fadeproof Color?

    I have a faded black cherry SC-250
  14. Phil M

    The SC250!

    I didn’t want to start a new thread, but just an update. This SC-250 was kind of an afterthought and I thought I might flip it but it’s becoming one of my favorite guitars. These outdoor shots show the faded black cherry much better. My earlier pics looked dull and brown-ish. Also, I’ve...
  15. Phil M

    Are there any McCarty soapbars with trems?

    Yup, there’s one on Reverb right now (8/27/19).
  16. Phil M

    What was Your 1st PRS?

    An EG bolt-on that I bought new in 1995. It was just an OK guitar but I had an accident with it. It was an almost total loss and after a failed a attempt to repair locally, I sold the neck, case, bridge and pickups a few years later. I didn’t try PRS again until 2007 when I got a ‘93 Custom...
  17. Phil M

    Soapy DGT

    I dig it. I’d dig it even more with white/cream plastic and scraped binding! :D
  18. Phil M

    58/15 Pickups - anybody not a fan?

    I have 58/15s in my 2018 McCarty. I love the guitar and the pickups seem OK but I will probably put some WCRs in down the road. I’m one of “those” guys ... love the guitars, only like the pickups. Wolfetones and WCRs are generally improvements for what my ears like to hear.
  19. Phil M

    I wish I would’ve got...

    Shoulda kept ... Everything is replaceable. The only thing I wish I kept was my ‘54 RI Oxblood Les Paul. I’ll never be able to get one at a reasonable price. Shoulda got ... When I got my Custom 24 in early 2016, it was my only PRS. I now also have a McCarty and a SC-250. If I’d known I’d...