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  1. Ovibos

    Seven and eight string guitars - will PRS ever expand their offerings?

    Can we do something? Us randos on this forum? No. Can you, the PRS Pulse Artist, do something? Yeah, you can contact Bev and see what she says.
  2. Ovibos

    PRS NF53 and Miles Kennedy thoughts

    You lost me at scarf joint and nickel frets. High end acoustics have scarf joints, and PRS doesn’t do stainless steel on anything.
  3. Ovibos

    Zebra Humbuckers: Cool or Cheesy?

    Dislike. Too much contrast, pulls the eye to them.
  4. Ovibos

    Seven and eight string guitars - will PRS ever expand their offerings?

    I’ve seen some YouTubers suggest that people are moving away from 7/8 strings and more to low tuned 6 or baritones. So the market may not support adding models.
  5. Ovibos

    CE 24 bridge pickup

    Lower it.
  6. Ovibos

    Tuning issues with my PRs se custom 24

    I would think whatever the hourly rate for luthiery in your area, can be done in less than an hour. CME charges $85 for a setup, so with the nut replacement it’d be a bit more than that - for example.
  7. Ovibos

    Which neck profiles on (older) SE Standards and Customs (and SE 245) ?

    Zach Myers before this year I think
  8. Ovibos

    PRS: Why is the price point so high to get a hard case included with the guitar?

    I’ve said this in other threads, and it bears repeating: PRS cases have gotten VERY expensive to make and ship. The wood (birch I think) has gotten 2-3x more expensive. The cases themselves are quite heavy. PRS has to pay to ship them from the case maker to Stevensville. All of this adds up...
  9. Ovibos

    Why no case for the NF 53?

    Phil McKnight covered this in his last podcast. Cases are almost 3x the cost in materials now, and shipping costs are thru the roof. It costs basically the same to ship an empty case from the manufacturer to PRS as it does for PRS to ship it with a guitar in it (think size, not weight). Add to...
  10. Ovibos

    Silver Sky SE maple + new colors released

    Info here. I don’t need a purple one… I really don’t...
  11. Ovibos

    PRS Custom 24 sounds really bad

    Did you buy it used? Might have some bad solders or a fried pot.
  12. Ovibos

    Well looky here: sandblasted ash!

    There’s also a red one on offer now.
  13. Ovibos

    Well looky here: sandblasted ash!

    Just one feedback, as a buyer a few years ago. Shipping is high too. Seems risky.
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    When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say yes!!!
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    Busking makes me feel good
  16. Ovibos

    I wish dealers would post better

    We really don’t need a Reverb post (or their site) copy-pasting the specs from the PRS website. I want to see weight. Always. And if it‘s a ”custom color,” tell me what it is!
  17. Ovibos

    Can the Hollowbody II play metal or high gain?

    There’s a Glenn Fricker video that demonstrates this well.
  18. Ovibos

    Can the Hollowbody II play metal or high gain?

    I believe anything can play metal or high gain. Just need enough gain or EQ. Will a very low output single coil be exposed as noisy at the level - yes.
  19. Ovibos

    Anyone own a PRS SE One?

    I’ve got one, put a Mojotone QuietCoil in there because my space is very hummy.