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  1. rickcard71

    PRS NF53 and Miles Kennedy thoughts

    I think they should have went straight after the look of a Tele like they did with the Silver Sky. I think they are ugly. The NF though have cool paint jobs.
  2. rickcard71

    Private Stock Friday

    I notice a lot of people are going with the chrome pups now, I don't get that. At least go brushed. Chrome looks so cheap. What would be the opposite of the lipstick/pig quote?
  3. rickcard71

    Private Stock Friday

    Totally agree, at least black pups. At least now I know they do a HB with a trem. I probably saw it before but did not remember.
  4. rickcard71

    Myles Kennedy PRS released

    Same. I also think they should have kept the layout of the 4 knobs like they were on the original SC245 & SCs on the SC 594s.
  5. rickcard71

    Myles Kennedy PRS released

    I'd rather see a SC245 from him. That was his main PRS for the longest.
  6. rickcard71

    Whopping $28 SE 245 upgrades

    This is what I want to do.
  7. rickcard71

    Whopping $28 SE 245 upgrades

    Originally I wanted to do the covers on my SE 245 but, now I think I want to do double creams like MAPete did on his SC.
  8. rickcard71

    Cort-Tek made SE's

    Where the first versions of the SE 245 with the ugly headstock font made? They feel much better than the charcoal burst ones.
  9. rickcard71

    Do the new Amber lampshade style knobs come in Gold?

    I think they have made red ones for PSs. Not that this helps the OPer.
  10. rickcard71

    One of MA Pete’s stellar builds

    The flip flop paint guitar could have been mine in a trade with Howard but I went with $3k in cash and a silver sparkle Epiphone Casino. I kinda wish I would have taken it straight-up on the trade with him, but I needed the cash more at the time and I thought the Casino was cool. I still have...
  11. rickcard71

    One of MA Pete’s stellar builds

    <-----this was Pete's. He was the first owner and I still own it. I e-mailed Pete about a year ago and he said he has been getting into Collings (<---spelling?) guitars.
  12. rickcard71

    PRS Experience

    We need it in 2023 come on PRS!
  13. rickcard71

    Joe Walsh Signature 594 McCarthy

    Wow, nice top. Banned w/o pics!
  14. rickcard71

    Cherry Sunburst vs. Tobacco Sunburst

    Not yours, but in general, played out and been done to death. However, many beauties out there. Yours are as well. Each I think are both subtle. Traditional staples and beauties. Congrats!
  15. rickcard71

    Broke down ... ordered a DGT Core

    What color did you go with?
  16. rickcard71

    DGT and 0.009 Gauge

    I use 9s with no issues.
  17. rickcard71

    DGT Pickups