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  1. drdoom8793

    PRS Flying V!!!

    This one actually makes sense. HB just released the Dullahan, whose body is pretty close to Kiesel's Osiris. I'm glad I nabbed one in case HB has to stop production. It is interesting though. HB's model has the body of the Osiris but the end of the neck looks remarkably like Strandberg's...
  2. drdoom8793

    PRS Flying V!!!

    Tbh, I think it was more of an intimidation tactic than anything. They're trying to bully companies into dropping models that probably wouldn't be able to sue over. Kiesel is just calling their bluff. Hopefully Gibson backs down without too much of a fight.
  3. drdoom8793

    I am the only one who damages his PRS headstocks?

    Damn near every PRS I've bought used has had a tiny ding on one of points of the headstock. Seems pretty common for people to bump it, myself included.
  4. drdoom8793

    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    3 PRS: HB Spruce CE24 SE Angelus 1 Partscaster I put together and I just ordered a Harley Benton Dullahan. I'm super interested in guitars without headstocks, but wasn't ready to drop the money on a Kiesel or Strandberg in case I wasn't into it. Should be a fun time.
  5. drdoom8793

    Refretting your PRS

    Does anyone know if the PTC will do refrets with stainless steel or is only option the original fret material?
  6. drdoom8793

    What is an equivalent fret size??

    Sorry to necro an older thread, but does anyone know if the PTC will do refrets with stainless steel or is only option the original fret material?
  7. drdoom8793

    Is a Silver Sky Wood Library Run Plausible?

    Wouldn't surprise me if it happened at some point.
  8. drdoom8793

    Myles Kennedy done with PRS?

    I saw an interview (can't remember where) where he said it was a gift and he enjoyed it on some of the newer songs because it gave more of a difference of tones between him and Mark.
  9. drdoom8793

    I wish PRS had made

    Something with more of a Tele vibe. Love the sound of a Tele, but gotta have the feel of a PRS. The Vela is sort of close, but not quite there.
  10. drdoom8793

    Demographics: Settling the discussion once and for all

    IT in the finance industry, so sort of a combination of both. I marked IT
  11. drdoom8793

    Demographics: Age

    27 here!
  12. drdoom8793

    Will the Custom 22 get the new switching?

    Just an interesting note, during some of the NAMM videos, Bryan talks almost like this could become the standard switching on the Custom 24, but that's totally just my interpretation and based in no factual evidence.
  13. drdoom8793

    S2 594 opinions

    It's been working for Steel Panther!
  14. drdoom8793

    S2 594 opinions

    Mullets are back! Didn't ya hear?
  15. drdoom8793

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Aaaaaand now I'm in trouble...
  16. drdoom8793

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Man, I was wanting an S2 594, but if they make that Midnight Rose with a RW fretboard...
  17. drdoom8793

    S2 594 Announced!

    I'm still waiting on a Satin Vela Semi-hollow from Sweetwater. Pre-ordered right when it was announced o_O
  18. drdoom8793

    SE line = Bad pickups

    Man, what's with all these clickbait titles lately? Pretty much everything that needs to be said has already been said. My personal favorite SE pickups are the 245 and the 85/15s pickups. Luckily, if the stock pickups aren't to your liking, there's loads of brands making great pickups and...
  19. drdoom8793

    Cracking f-hole

    Ouch, that's a bummer. This thought did cross my mind when they first announced this line. I agree with everyone that humidity packs should help and that a repair should be relatively easy. Might even be worth an email to PRS Customer Service just to see if there's anything they'll do about it.
  20. drdoom8793

    S2 594 Announced!

    I'm hoping for a Semihollow of the doublecut 594. Can you say "Goodbye, Kidney"?