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  1. Jet Whitey


    Been my # 1 for 8 + years now. Loved this one, but didn't dig the RW neck.
  2. Jet Whitey

    Any special order PRS' out there?

    I've had a few......
  3. Jet Whitey

    NGD! (PRS 20th Anniversary content!)

    Wow great score!!! The 20th IMHO are so of the best guitars made!
  4. Jet Whitey

    None More Black

    I think there needs to be a None More White thread ?????
  5. Jet Whitey

    None More Black

    Always fun to see old friends.....Man I miss that 93 McTrem Proto !!!
  6. Jet Whitey

    Best Pickups for SC245

    This one has a very special set of 57/08's in it.....They are one of 4 loose sets that were given to me as a gift.
  7. Jet Whitey

    Best Pickups for SC245

    My 25th came with 57/08's....They sounded good, but compared to my 20th with #7's it was a tad too tame. I swapped them out for a set 59/09's and it was close, but still not quite what I was after. I was lucky enough to have a set of DGT sent to me that were gold covered and dropped them in...
  8. Jet Whitey

    Santana pic of the day

    Employee guitar I should have never sold!
  9. Jet Whitey

    What's Your Best Playing/Feeling PRS?

    Frets worn out and still my #1
  10. Jet Whitey

    GO Broncos!

    This year if they both reach "The Game" Let's do Vegas or something???
  11. Jet Whitey

    GO Broncos!

    Really?????? LOL
  12. Jet Whitey

    A DGT photo thread...

    My new one!
  13. Jet Whitey

    PRS Metal

  14. Jet Whitey

    Ebony Fretboard On A DGT....Thoughts?

    Ebony FB & Rosewood neck = AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Jet Whitey

    Whatcha All Look Like?

  16. Jet Whitey

    Any other Migraine sufferers here?

    I suffered from them my whole childhood until I went into the Air Force and fresh milk was non-existant. I discovered that milk was the trigger. I have been milk free and migraine free since. I do miss my 1/2 a box of ceral and milk for breakfast, but not bad enough to suffer the migraines...
  17. Jet Whitey

    PS 4764 ??????

    I had hoped to reserve that PS # for myself since it's my date of birth. I never did pull the trigger. Anyone here buy it or have any info????? Now I'm curios!
  18. Jet Whitey

    What is the value of a 2008 used Korina McCarty?

    $1600 would be a fair price for one of the first run McKorinas that had BRW fretboards. The later run guitars are $1300 - $1500
  19. Jet Whitey

    57/08 TM VS early 57/08..any diffrence ?

    Proto Types.....and yes they sounded way different than the production runs!
  20. Jet Whitey


    My Two !!!!! All Nitro Relic'd by the PTC. She's a whore!!!! Been played and put away wet by more than a few G-String Benders around the country! She'll go home with just about anyone! I'm a sucker for Orphans......This one didn't make the cut as a Library guitar. She's...