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  1. BobbyD

    Who did u meet at the PRS 30th anniversary event

    I had a near miss with JustRob and JFB last night. My wife and I are looking forward to catching up with everyone at the brunch. She has a pink stripe in her hair. I don't have any stripes - or any hair left to speak of, really.
  2. BobbyD

    Doug Diamond from Wild west guitars.

    I had to come out of retirement to confirm that it is, in fact, the shoes.
  3. BobbyD

    NGD: Blood Orange Quilt CU24 30th - and then there were two!

    I concur enthusiastically. Congratulations!
  4. BobbyD

    Pomegranite MR PC

    Wow! Great tone and great playing! I want to be able to play like Tag when I grow up!
  5. BobbyD

    Two of Emil's PRSi have been stolen!

    I hope that they recover everything soon. I'm sure it's heartbreaking to lose gear that you've put so much time and energy into. Best of luck to the whole band.
  6. BobbyD

    NAMM Picture thread!

    This is going to be awesome! /Subscribed.
  7. BobbyD

    Ngd: DOOBLY #1

    It was an honor to be present for some of that insanity! You knocked it out of the park again. The "Amigos" and the PS team are like peanut butter and jelly. It's impossible to go wrong! Well played, sir. Well played indeed.
  8. BobbyD

    Should I Buy P22 10 Top

    As the proud owner of a P24 10-top, I say YES! They are amazing instruments.
  9. BobbyD

    Dad Metal!!!!

    That's just what I needed this morning! Time to cue up some At the Gates and play with my 6-year-old!
  10. BobbyD

    2014 models...

    I'm trying to avoid thinking about the Floyd Cu24 in Blood Orange. I'm not so great at it:)
  11. BobbyD


    That's amazing! Congratulations on welcoming that one back home!
  12. BobbyD

    Welcome the New 2014 "Blood Orange" Finish!

    Well... Hello there.
  13. BobbyD

    Hi all

    Welcome Neil!
  14. BobbyD

    Archon MADNESS is on FULL THROTTLE...

    Thanks, Blackbird! Great stuff - and it really shows how versatile this amp is. I appreciate the demonstration of a lot of different styles too. I'm all over the place from a genre perspective and you definitely showed that the Archon could keep up!
  15. BobbyD

    NGD - Pernambuco

    Oh noes.... Well, that is an amazing guitar! Congrats on two picture perfect specimens in the collection! And I'll vote for the clear knobs as well. You could go either way with a top that gorgeous though!
  16. BobbyD

    When/How did you first discover PRS guitars?

    Black Friday, 2011. I'd decided to get serious about learning guitar after playing around with an acoustic for a few months. I had absolutely no clue what a starter instrument would cost, but quality mattered a lot to me. It came down to the two top rated guitars in my price range - a Tremonti...
  17. BobbyD

    Happy Birthday PhennRock ........... Hope Fedex is nice to you!

    Happy Birthday, Phenny! Enjoy your present!
  18. BobbyD

    Show your PS!

    Helloooooo, Nurse! Well done, my friend! That is a wonderful way to start the day indeed!
  19. BobbyD

    new guy just checking in

    Welcome to the forum, Randy! Good call on the P22. They have the best cleans I've ever heard and still sound great with distortion.